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There is a 18 year old lady on AdultFriendFinder who states she likes older men and that they should send her a fantasy as introduction. This is my entry.

Laundry Fantasy
Riding my motorcycle on vacation often means sleeping in small towns with no action to be found. I woke up in such a town early one Tuesday morning. I was a bit hung over from the bottle of Wild Turkey I had got the day before. The bourbon takes the edge off a day of riding in the wind and a night in a boring town.

I got ready to hit the road and down the street saw a gas station. As, I was filling up I spotted a laundry mat a few stores down and decided I needed to wash today. I got that first load going and hit the gas station again for coffee.

My load was in the dryer and I was outside watching the day progress. I had added a shot of Wild Turkey to my coffee and my hang over was nearly gone. I saw a young lady dressed in Catholic School Girl uniform headed my way. "She is a damn cute little hottie" I said to myself, "Where were you last night when I needed you darlin" also echoed in my head. She smiled as she stopped before me and she said "I am on my way to school and have run out of gas and I don't have any money. Can you give me two dollars for gas"?

I don't think I will ever know what caused me to speak the words in my head maybe it was the Wild Turkey maybe, it was some school girl fantasy fighting its way to the surface maybe, it was something about the girl. I replied "No, but I will give you twenty dollars for a blow job".

As soon as the words were out of my mouth I was ready to either grab my wet wash or, just jump on the bike and hope I could beat the police out of town. But, this girl's smile did not dim, it did change to one more wanton. I saw her nipples harden under her white shirt as she thought over my offer and, then she said “Ok”. I nodded in the direction of the empty laundry and headed two rows back of the windows. She followed and stood there as I set a chair in the center of the row facing me. I took a twenty out of my wallet and placed it down on the machine next to me then I undid my pants and exposed my stiffening cock. She sat down in the chair and stared at my cock. Both her hands came up and one cupped my balls as the other slowly and lightly stroked my cock.

Time seemed to stop for me as I looked out the windows and back down to this young lady. I saw that I was now nearly fully hard and that the head of my penis was now red. Pre cum was beginning to flow out the slit and as her fingers ran over it they spread the slick liquid along their path. Now I could feel her hot breath on me. She was breathing faster and her eyes had a glazed lust look. She stopped to look at the pre cum flowing and as a drop formed she licked it off and seemed to be testing if it was up to her standards.

She ran her tongue over the entire head of my cock and I moaned. I think she looked up at me then, I really don’t know because I was now fully hard and twiching, my head was back and my eyes closed as I enjoyed the moment. Then I felt her mouth around me as she took in the head and a inch or so of cock. I looked down and now her eyes were closed as she sucked hard and I felt her tongue swirl over me. I am just average sized in the cock department. Unless this was the girl’s first blowjob it was no great feat for her to work her way all the way down my shaft until her nose pressed bone. That being said I fully enjoyed every fraction of a inch she made on that journey.

Soon She was boobin her head back and forth over my cock. One hand had never left my balls the other was now against my hip helping to steady her. I reached down deeply in lust wishing to caress her beasts. I bent too far and slipped out of her mouth. She knew what I wanted though as she undid both shirt and bra. Once again she took my cock in hand and ran the head over her now naked and hard nipples. Then she sat up straight and pressed her breasts together around my cock. My hands covered hers for a moment holding her breasts together. Then my thumb and fore finger found her nipples and pulled hard. Both her hands left her breasts and went to her clit. She fingered her clit as I fucked her breasts slowly.

I pinched her nipples harder as she began to cum from her fingers. She shook all over as I stopped fucking her breasts and just pulled on her nipples. Then I needed to cum. I pulled her forward and her mouth opened to take me in. She sucked hard and put one hand back on my balls as the other still worked her clit. I came so hard shooting streams of hot cum into her mouth I fell back against the washer behind me.

We both tried to laugh and smile at each other between the hard deep breathing. She got her stuff together first, got dressed, gave me a kiss, took her twenty and, was gone. I got back fully on my feet with knees still weak. I drank half of what was left of my now cool coffee and bourbon. I went to the laundry sink and washed myself. I folded my wash and was ready to get on the road again when a car pulled up in front of me. It was her. I walked up and she said “Thank you”. She handed me a paper and drove off.

I read a email addy on the paper and watched her drive off. I will have to find a reason to stay overnight in this town again soon.

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