Testing.. testing... Is this thing on?  

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12/26/2005 3:28 am

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Testing.. testing... Is this thing on?

So now I have a 'Blog'.

What to do? What to say?

Here I sit drooling over gorgeous women and sexy trannys day after day after day. I wink at them, I email some of them... but mostly I wink.

The only hopeful response was from a tranny in Arlington. She is beautiful and I had planned to meet with her, but as luck would have it, my employer took on a major contract and "demanded" everyone work at least 68 hours per week. She called me a loser... and that's the last I guess I'll deal with her. Too bad... I do love asian trannys.

A guy in Columbia was VERY interested in meeting with me but as I thought about it... I'm not ready for that just yet.

So, why am I attracted to trannys and not guys? I guess it's that "woman with a throbbing surprise" that gets me a bit excited. Don't get me wrong... I'd take a woman over any tranny or guy... I just have a few desires I want to test out...

Oh well...

Now it's the 26th. Christmas has come and gone. I chose to take today off as my employer was generous in allowing all of us to choose which, if any, days we want to work this week.

Blah, blah, blah...

Watched my recently purchased 'Animatrix' DVD this evening... what a cool collection. It kind of gives a little more insight to the three 'Matrix' movies. And the first CGI story is pretty sexy in the beginning... Asian women, whether CGI, Anime, or "real world" are HOT!!! Sorry Paris. Don't sue me, please.

Tuesday will bring a new thrill... a small party at a coworkers home. He's a young guy who's VERY popular with the ladies and for some reason he's pestered me for weeks to attend this party. He says there will be many young (college-aged) women there, as well as a few cute secretaries from our work... and all of their goals are to get drunk! Should I take advantage? Why not?

OK... gotta save some steam for the next post. Type at you later!

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