A First For Everything  

shy-guy-2002 57M
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5/30/2006 8:29 am
A First For Everything

OK Folks,

I'm afraid that I haven't thought out this first post very well. I just dove in with both feet, so please bare with me. I haven't used my membership in a while and thought it was time to dust things off and see what I could find here now.

The picture is from a cruise I was on a few years ago. The fountain is in Ocho Rios and I was on a singles cruise. I had a great time & met a lot of wonderful people, but the main reason I posted it today is the weather here in Washington-Baltimore area has shifted into summer with a vengeance and this is a nice summery picture.

Now if your interested on what goes on in a singles cruise, now that is another story. Drop me a line and I'll share all with you.

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