Lisa and I  

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3/19/2006 3:00 pm

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Lisa and I

One of the outstanding times in my life was with Lisa. She was everything a man could ever want. 36/24/36 is supposable perfect, but in my eyes and the feeling in my genitals says different. It started on a warm summer evening, the breeze was blowing gently through her hair as we sat on a small bridge crossing a stream. There were crickets singing while we sat with a bottle of wine and discussed our inner thoughts as well as our goals in life. Neither one of us knowing what to expect out of the other, I gently caressed her shoulders and neck from behind and kissed her neck while holding up her hair. The warm breeze flowing through our shirts aroused her breasts as I could tell that there was something there, something that would progress to further activity in the future of that breezy warm summer night. As my gear shift grew she gradually turned her head and pressed her lips to mine and at that moment, I moving her hair back from her face felt an instant rush as our Toungs collided within each others mouth, the temperature seemed to be rising. I gently moved my hands to her chest caressing her breasts while she caressed my neck and moaned a small tone in my ear. This was it, the one I was infatuated with! WHY DON'T YOU LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN IN THE END OF THIS STORY?

latebloomer63 53M

4/20/2006 11:23 am

You have a great pic! I have never been with a couple, I'm straight but would be willing to have a cocktail and discuss getting together. Let me know.

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