You asked for it, you got it  

shotglass1986 45M
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8/18/2006 2:23 pm

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8/19/2006 1:02 am

You asked for it, you got it

What's this world coming to?

I just overheard a woman complaining to a friend that her husband doesn't seem like much of a man. Her response to to her friend's "why" was...he just seems too feminine.

WHOA, hold the phone....Wasn't it just ten or fifteen years ago that women were wanting men to get in touch with their feminine side. Now they complain because there are "no real men left".

Give me a break. Men are supposed to be men and vice versa. You wanna see my feminine look at the woman I happen to be with at that particular time.

Whatever happened to men don't cry? I just get sick at the sight of a man all blubbery over something stupid...those shoes don't go with that shirt (hahaha) or, he just called me an asshole.

I'm sorry, guess I am an asshole. I believe that men don't cry. We open doors for women. When out to dinner with a woman, we ask her what she would like from the menu PRIOR TO THE WAITER/WAITRESS ARRIVING, then order for them.
We stand when they enter or leave a room. Same goes for the dinner table.

And if something needs done, we get off our asses and do it. We don't take a collective survey to determine why the dog needs to be smacked for crapping on the floor, or worse yet, just ignore it and hope it goes away...

IamWetFire 52F

8/18/2006 4:21 pm

Hello ShotGlass and welcome to Blogville.

I got a thrill in the pit of my stomach as you described your definition of a "real man." It's been so long since a man showed me the courtesy of opening a door for me, or stood up when I got up from the table.

While I do think it's appropriate for a man to cry over something like 9/11, the whole metro-sexual thing turns me cold.

For me, I want a man to listen to and respect me like he does his male friends. And not knowingly or purposely hurt me. Beyond that, I need an Alpha male. Beta males. . .need not apply.

I think you'll enjoy your time here in Blogville. Lots of fun people and wonderful blogs to read and comment on.


shotglass1986 replies on 8/18/2006 5:01 pm:
Thanks for the welcome and the response, IamWetFire. Of course, shedding of tears is appropriate for events like 9/11 or the death of a family member, but I see too many 'men' cry over spilled milk.

The true Alpha male metality is what many are missing. The ability to lead and protect. One thing I forgot in my rant was this: When walking down the street with a woman, the man should allways be curbside. It really irritates me to see it done opposite.

Beta males...stay on the porch.

TnWitchyWoman 56F
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8/18/2006 5:08 pm

I know some will disagree with me but I think your momma taught you well! I raised my daughters act and to expect to be treated like ladies in public (and they are also well aware they don't have to be such "ladies" in private), and to expect their men to be real stand up men and treat each other as such. Both are rare breeds this day but they are out there. But then I'm a housewife...another animal facing extinction so what do I know except what I like.

shotglass1986 replies on 8/18/2006 5:26 pm:
TnWitchyWoman, thanks for your post. I hope that the housewife never dies from extinction. I'd hate to think of the generation to come after that happens.

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