Have I Missed Something  

shotglass1986 45M
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8/20/2006 2:41 pm
Have I Missed Something

Ok, I will more than likely step on a few toes with this one...but here goes:

Ten Years ago Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered. This still captures the attention, hearts, and minds of many Americans, and now we have a CONFESSED killer...John Karr. Let me restate that...HE CONFESSED.

He is being transported to CA as I write this, and was served patte and champagne on board the plane. No wonder we have so many criminals!!! Hell, if the government (by default us taxpayers) will feed me like that, then I'll be in line to rob the next bank.

But wait, it gets better...

The prosecuting attorney has stated that unless there is a DNA match, he will not proceed with the prosecution.

Let me restate again...HE CONFESSED!!!!!!!!!

Due to his confession, he is either guilty or mentally deranged for confessing to something he didn't do. If he's guilty, then he is still mentally deranged because he is a pedophile.

Either way, John Karr needs to be locked away in either a prison or a mental institution where he will have no hope for ANY contact with another child ever again.

Our children are, beyond a doubt, our country's most valuable resource, BARR NONE. Yet, we, as a community, have shown a consistent habit of not protecting our children the way we should. Case in point is the multiple, recent child abductions, and murders in FL.

When are we gonna wake up and put these sickos in jail forever. Better yet, put them on an island and let them chase each other. Then my tax dollars won't be feeding them patte and champagne in first class.

Beta males...stay on the porch

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