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8/16/2006 1:31 pm

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8/22/2006 3:38 pm


Last night I was searching through the Blogs and I cam across a post that made me think deep and hard. I have been on this site for about a year now. I would spend most of time in the Advice Lines answering questions to get points to get on the List of the Top 4 responders. My intention always was to be there for the "free advertising" of my profile. Along the way, I thought I would learn how to be gentle with people, and basically just get practice on how to tell people to deal with certain problems they were having or give advice on a matter with out hurting their feelings. For the most part I think I succeeded. Along the way, I also discovered how to sway the points into my favor. Lately I have discovered the art of blogging. My God, this is so much more fun...Here I can be me and not worry about what I say, because it is always friends and people that I am beginning to get to know that are coming by and leaving comments. No one ever asks for my opinion on Cock size anymore, or whether cheating is right or wrong. This is great....I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders. No longer am I Atlas Shrugged!

So, I am officially retiring from the Advice Lines. I will probably stay on as a consultant or something like that for the really unique questions, but I will no longer be searching for the points to get the free advertising. LOL. I really wanted to get to my 5000th question, but it is just so unnecessary. The inspiration for this choice came from this blog. The title is called misunderstandings...partygirl3869

Has anyone else felt this way about the Advice Lines? What are your thoughts?

rm_SultryVirgo 48F
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8/16/2006 2:50 pm

Interesting, that's my thought. Ah the funny pages they can be trying at times can't they? Will I ever leave them? No doubtful, but then again I never posted that much on there, at most I think I managed 50 responses in one week once, never been much for answering every question, only the one's that interested me. Which is pretty much what I still do. Debate is in my blood and a skill honed from law school, and besides it can be cheap therapy at times LOL

I've been blogging, doing the groups and the ad lines for over a year now. Each has it's own unique flavor for me, none of which I would really want to change. I have been up on that damn list so many times I restrict myself at times from answering when I get any more then 100 points, it bugs the shit outta me. But it is what it is, and you can either take something from it, or you don't it's always a choice.

It has done more good then bad, showing my brand of honesty on there. Since I never take anything personally anyway, the name calling never much bugged me. I know that other's do, and it's one aspect that I have yet to figure out, but that I think that is best left for another discussion this is your blog not mine and should be treated with respect by all But because I have been on there, and those who see the value in what is said at times in spite of who may be saying it, I have received more emails from people that I gave at times some harsh advice too, then those who I was gentle with. That surprised me when it started happening, but I accept it for what it is. As a result of that I have those whom I call friends from everywhere now, that is what I take from there. Some hate me for what I say, other's I have come to know and respect because of what I have said to them and I accept both situations for what they are, not what I think they should be. And so be it in my opinion, my ego is not so fragile that I must be loved by all LMAO !

And because I was on there, I met Mr. Big, now he's special that one and yes we have met, and it's real shocked the shit out of me, but real all the same. So I can't say the ad lines have been a bad experience, all things considered the pro's out weight the con's for me.

However everyone makes their own choice and takes their own path here. If this is yours for whatever reason then it's the right thing for you.

By the way thank you for what you said in my blog, that was very kind of you and appreciated. You, I'll be honest did get me thinking awhile back, no need to rehash it here, but you manged to impress me with that little exchange we had and not many have ever done that. I'm glad that your path is now clear to you.

Ciao bella


shooter0085 replies on 8/16/2006 7:37 pm:
The advice lines did the same for me. Matter of fact, thats how we first met ( that a word? I tend to have Bushisms in my vocabulary! LO. I have met some of the most quality people from there, actually everyone that has responded here, and then some. I will not disappear completely, since I do believe there are folks on there that are truly seeking advice. I know that the advice I gave helped some,(I have the "fan" mail to prove it! lol). I, personally, can't do the list anymore, because I know how to manipulate it. I wanted my advice that I gave to be sincere, but when it started interferring with friendships and the like due to misunderstandings, it became time for me to go. Essentially, I will no longer be doing this for the points. As to your last paragraph, I meant ever word I wrote to you. You really did help me, and for that I am extremely grateful. You are very welcome for the kind words, you deserve them. All the best Sultry,


partygirl3869 48F

8/16/2006 2:59 pm


I am just so damn proud of you! Out of all of the people on this site, I'm sure that I know you better than anyone. And, I know what it took for you to come to this decision. Again, I'm so proud!!

I left the advice lines about 2 weeks ago...well, I pop in now and again if I see something of interest. But, I got tired of all of the politics of it, too. That was about the time that I discovered blogging, and now, it is my favorite thing to do. Like you mentioned...I can write anything that I want to without worrying about what I'm saying, because it's old friends, and people that are becoming my new friends that stop by.

I'm glad that my blog was an inspiration for you. That blog has truly changed my mind about everything that I have done on this site, and about everything that I will be doing in the future. And, Shooter, YOU have always been an inspiration to me! Crazy Tail!!

Love ya! PG

shooter0085 replies on 8/16/2006 7:38 pm:
Thanks PG!

header1979 37M
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8/16/2006 3:00 pm

Hey Shooter, you have learned what all of us who have been on the list at one time or another have discovered. It gets old after awhile. I still skim the questions because there are a few topics that like to comment on or see other comments. I can rarely get up enough energy to bother flaming a troll anymore. You will find that a lot of people who have been on the list in the past are now blogging.

shooter0085 replies on 8/16/2006 7:40 pm:
Yes, I did notice that. Like I said, I will not be gone completely, just not doing it for points and the free advertising anymore. Thanks for dropping again!

juicy856 39M/34F

8/16/2006 3:28 pm

yes i feel this way sometimes. i was on the AL for the advertising my profile too. after a while of reading the same boring questions it gets old, and some of the question you know they are not genuine. they are either looking for points or to get a raise out of people. i like seeing how people vote on my comments, but get a little annoyed when it is an opinion question or in your experience question and people vote against you. it's weird cause the things actually happened so why vote against someone for it. some people you can tell just write things to fit in with the rest of the answers as i found out the hard way if you go against it someone will let you have it. I've never been the kind to stay with the main stream group i'm not PC enough for that. blogging i find really fun cause i can be my silly self and not have to worry about following the heard. i will probably still go to the AL but i really haven't been there much lately. besides this place is great cause it is far more personal and can get to know others better.

to singlewarrior who introduced me to blogging by putting me in your top profile list thanks. i'm having a lot of fun joking with you guys.

shooter0085 replies on 8/16/2006 7:47 pm:
If it wasn't for blogging we would have never signed that movie contract with Liv. lol. I think you said it well. Some questions are asking for opinions and not asking for advice at all. Why vote then? Exactly! Even better was the PC answers to sway voting. The funny thing is, I am like you and refuse to go PC, so I had to figure out a way to manipulate the voting in my favor....I was able to do it, but I had to work twice as hard. No friends are more important! Friends like you Juicy Joystick! LOL $$

rm_222when911 46M/42F
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8/16/2006 4:17 pm

This is a lot more fun! And I only visited the Advice lines a couple of times before I got the real picture. Who really wants to know where to find the most efficient, stylish, and affordable ass hair trimmer anyway? I wish I had more time to blog, but I enjoy the back and forth. Blog on for the future of Texas! J

"You may think I'm a little off center, but if you really knew me you'd run~!"

shooter0085 replies on 8/16/2006 7:53 pm:
I totally agree. I would have never gotten to know you and your antics if it wasn't for blogging. And I am very glad that we did meet here.

IsThisBetter4u 106M

8/16/2006 5:44 pm

Birds of a feather...
Who'da thought we'd all grow up in our our 30's on AdultFriendFinder? Let's just leave it at that...

I love my friends, too.

shooter0085 replies on 8/16/2006 7:54 pm:
You da MAN!

SolarPowered0 67M
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8/17/2006 6:24 am

I ain't NEVER leavin' the Ad Lines! Never! It's the meat of this site - always has been... always will be. If you want to see who someone really is, the AL is were you can see that. It's impossible for anyone to hide who they are inefinitely - out there. The real person WILL show - guaranteed, and I am going to be there, usually, just to see who's who.

As for the shit list, it serves a purpose. It lets others here know who's spending a fair amount of time becoming known. It's not going to get you laid! That's the mistake most make with this site - believing you will get laid, here. You won't. You'll just meet people.

Anyway, have a good time in the BLOGs... they're a good place to vacation.


shooter0085 replies on 8/17/2006 7:14 am:
Always a pleasure to see you sir! I do not think that I will ever leave completely. I agree, there is a lot t be revealed by the poster and/or the responder, this is how I have come to know some that post in the blogs. Holding the top spot on the "shit" list on and off for the past 4-5 months was effective for me. It allowed me to meet some quality folks, such as yourself and everyone else that posted in here. I will disagree with you regarding the getting laid part, but I think that we would agree that a gentlemen doesn't disclose that information. You are too funny Solar, already assuming I will go back, since I am vacationing in the Blogs! I love it! our wisdom does surpass mine sir.....nice to see you again.


sooolongsuckers 41M

8/19/2006 12:30 pm

Hey, we all know the advice lines meant nothing more than advertising to me. When you break it down, I think that is the main reason people go there. I mean it's not like people are GENUINELY concerned about helping a complete stranger understand why he can't get an erection. Sure we all enjoy to help someone out when we can, but I'm willing to bet that most people are there to promote themselves. In fact, I think that works both ways. Most of the people asking the questions, don't REALLY need to ask the question, but ask anyways to see what people will say, and to get noticed.
I'm not sating that there aren't some legit questions that some people can't find the answer to, but in general, I think adults already KNOW the answer to most of these questions, and are merely there to promote themself.

I guess that's why I made a mockery of the whole thing with my advice questions. I figured everyone else would catch on, but in stead they just got up in arms. Oh well, all the better to promote myself with.

shooter0085 replies on 8/20/2006 5:59 am:
And an excellent promoter you are! I agree that many people were there to promote. However, I know that many people do give very sound advice, or at least they try. Yeah, there are some folks that abuse that place and ask their ten questions to get the 200 points to send e-mails, but thats life right? Just a shame that some responders abuse that place to. Did you ever notice that very few people think through their advice?

sooolongsuckers 41M

8/19/2006 12:34 pm

Actually, in the early days, I started out giving genuine advice. Very sensical advice too. But everyone was disagreeing with my perfectly logical responses, probably simply because they formed an early opinion of me.

That's when I saw how stupid the whole thing was.
You're gonna disagree with good advice simply cause you've made up your mind you don't like me?

That's when the volcano erupted, and I WENT JOHN CANDY ON ALL THEIR ASSES!!


shooter0085 replies on 8/20/2006 6:03 am:
Yeah, part of that area is politics, and that it why I am leaving. I will still be there to answer legit questions, I just am no longer going to spend all of my time there.

FanErotic6996 57M
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8/20/2006 2:05 am

Shooter - the lines will miss your advice. Stop by now and again. I have to admit that I have only been around the lines about a month and it gets old very fast for many reasons. I had wondered about the whole top responder idea but your explanation made perfect sense. I even e mailed a regular responder recently to ask about why they so often responded in a certain way - I thought it was annoying but after they were nice enough to reply to my email I dont feel the same anyway. And yes - blogging and reading them seems a much better use of time. Good luck to you.

Next best thing to perfect

shooter0085 replies on 8/20/2006 6:09 am:
Fanerotic, thank you sir. For the most part I did try to put myself in other peoples shoes and understand what they are going through. Some questions are just so stupid and self serving that you actually cannot believe that they are actually being asked. I was speanding way too much time there. While the free advertising for my profile helped quite a bit, the politics of it all almost cost me a couple of friends. I will drop by every now and then when there is a legit question, but this is way more fun to blog! Thanks for dropping by, nice to see you.

MrCofWI 59M
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8/22/2006 2:51 pm

Ahhhh, grasshopper! First you learned the methods of manipulation of statistics well. Then you learned it really didn't matter in the bigger picture. Instead you learned the bigger things in life. Good for you. Mr. C.

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