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shonuff314 42M
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4/3/2006 8:14 am
whatca like

Just something I was thinking about. I know everybody has a prefences of what they like (butts, breast, etc.). But, what do you like in style? I bring this up because of women I had met. We talked on the phone a couple of times. We had a great conversation and decided to meet. When I called her to get the directions she started to ask what type of clothes I have. I thought this was odd. I used to a person asking what are you wearing. What it got down to she was wanted me to wear a certain thing over. She told me she loves a guy wearing air force one tennis shoes. I did have a pair but the thing is I hate those shoes. I would rather wear an all white pair of Sean Carter. As it turned out this women had dressed me from head to toe. She said what I had on would really turn her on. Her choice was not that bad, but it nothing I would really wear outside. More like something I would wear just running to 7-11 to get a surlpee. When I arrived at her house I was surprised to see something. She was really turned on!!! I don’t know if she had this mental image of me in these clothes. Or was it bringing up an old flame that used to dress like that. When I came in it was like I was her Christmas present. She went buck wild on me. The sex was good and I went home thinking. I was glad I made her fantasy come true. Then I was thinking what do I like? I have always loved black stocking or thigh highs. I think they are so sexy. Call me stupid but I love women who can wear pigtails. I have no idea were I get that from. All in all I just wanted to know what turns you on.

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