What do you like?  

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3/28/2006 9:03 am

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What do you like?

I have notice many people have there choices. As in what they like in a person or what they want from a person. My question is how you get to know what you want. Since I knew it myself I have always been a dominate lover (if you want to call it that). It grew over time. It all started (enter dream sequence) when I was a young lad working at a little ice cream shop. It was this girl I worked with who always turned me on. She would come to work wearing a little plaid tennis skirt and thigh highs. Much like a school girl outfit. She had legs up to her neck. She also had the pretty caramel complexion I have ever seen on a woman. I was no stranger to sex at this time. Just not the aggressor I needed to be. She would come up to me and say the nastiest things in my ear. This was high school I never meet a girl who was that open to me. So one day I put it on my shoulder to make a move. So when I walked passed her I grabbed her butt. She jumped up like I did something wrong. Later on when were closing I felt bad. I told her I was sorry and didn’t mean to make her feel cheap. She came back at me and said “I liked it but you need to get all the way up in there”. She took my hand and placed it in the crack of her ass. I was shocked! She then told me she wanted to come see me. We exchanged numbers and set a date to meet. So on the morning of the meet she called and asked how she was going to get over my house. Didn’t have a car at the time so I started to scramble. My uncle had lived with me and my mother. He was about to pull out for work. I begged him to go pick her up. So we went to get her. On the way all I was getting was if your mother knew you where cutting school. We got there and she was waiting outside. To the day I die I will never forget the look on my uncle face when she came to the car. He was like damn, “where did you get her from”? He dropped us off at the house. At the house we did kid stuff like raid the fridge and talk. I noticed the hours were started to melt on by. I was thinking in my head we should be doing something nasty, not watching Richard Bay. To make a long story short nothing happen. I was as shocked as you now. We still had to work so we went together. The whole ride to work we were quiet as church mice. Later on that night her mother had found out she cut school by that damn computer phone call. I guess her mother was done with her. She made her change schools, quit her job and move with her father. But I could not get out of my head why we didn’t have sex. It was this guy who worked the dishes who went to school with her. I asked what was up with her. Why she didn’t want to do anything. He told me that he didn’t know I even got that far with her. He said she is a quiet girl in school no boyfriend no nothing. I could not believe it. He said don’t let the clothes fool you she is really uptight. I told him about the freaking we would do on the job. He was shocked and could not believe it. He told me to consider myself the luck one.

A couple of years had passed now and I just got out of high school that summer. I have a car now and just crusin the street. I go into a foot store to get a pair of tennis shoes. When I get out I spot this girl in a women clothing store with one of those Japanese dresses. I go in and see it that girl!!! She is happy to see me and once again we exchange numbers. Her body was even better now. She had really grown into full grown women. We talked later on that night. The convo was that sexy talk but not nasty. It was very hot. I asked when we can see each other. She came out and said “you’re not really ready for this”. I was like I been ready for like 4 years now. But she agreed to see me again. I had planned a day with her. We went to the Baltimore aquarium and it was all hanky panky inside there. We where in the tropical rain forest and watching he body glow from the sweat, I thought I was going to bust a load. I was still not getting all I wanted from her. We went to dinner after that and I felt things where starting to cool off a bit. When we left I felt the chemistry had left. But on the way out the parking lot a guy had cut me off. I don’t normally have road rage but I was frustrated and yelled out the window all types of names. The guy had stopped and I got out. I guess he didn’t know I was 6’3” when I stand up. After he seen the big black man everything had got squashed. After that I thought the night was over. When I get in the car she told me she never seen me like that before. Before I could say I was sorry she was like so hot. She told me she was so turned on. I had a hotel already waiting. When we got there she told me she wants to me to take control. At first I was thinking i'm not the one to take pussy. Then she got into the shower I was sitting on the bed with my mind going in a million directions. When she came out the bathroom she told me to keep my eyes closed. I was still nervous so I said wanted to take a shower. While taking the shower I always felt like I was going to miss the boat. You know like in the movie when you miss that free throw to win the game. I was in the shower for like 40 minutes and she was calling my name. Then something clicked. I said to myself “what the fuck”. I can try it if it works it works. If it didn’t then oh well. I came out the bathroom and she was talking on the phone with her girlfriend. I was like get off the phone. She ignored me and this just pinned up my rage. I didn’t want to let it get to 3 strikes so I said “Bitch I said get off the phone. I didn’t think she liked it at first. She was like who you calling a bitch. She got in my face. I then pushed my tongue in her mouth kissing her sooooooo sloppy. Then told her to get her ass on the bed. She was like star struck. I started to rub her pussy from behind telling her what I wanted to do to it. I had to be doing something right because she was so wet. I started to really enjoy this. The power started to rush to my head. I then sat on the edge of the bed and told her to come over there. I told her in a firm voice to suck my dick. She then told me that she had a tooth ache (of all the thing s to say). I think she did it to see my reaction. As you know I was not feeling that. I grabbed her hair and spoke in her ear “I don’t give a fuck about your tooth, SUCK MY DICK”. She stated to suck my dick like it was candy. I told her I wanted her to be my nasty lil girl. I was telling her to make it sloppy and she did. After this I was so shocked. Everything is like still so new to me. I then started to eat her out on the hotel dresser. She was making so much noise I started to think “how loud is she going to be when I stick my dick in”. At this time my dick is like rock hard and I mean solid. Now she is begging for the dick. I tease her a little bit by smacking my dick on her clict. She is turning wild. I then started fucking her like I was on punishment. Just trying to really split her apart. I fuck her everyway you can. She was so loud I thought someone was going to call the police. Then she wanted to suck on my dick again. I’m talking the whole time while she is doing it. I’m getting turned on and she is getting turned on. She looks up at me and tells me she wants it. I’m thinking what the fuck she wants. So I’m thinking as a man more dick. So I get on top and pin her legs back and just pound away. So as you know it’s about that time. I’m yelling I’m about to cum like it’s a frill drill. Then something I never seen thought could happen, happen!!! She pushed me off with me falling to my back. My legs where still under me. She started to suck the life out of me. I thought this chick was Lestat from interview with a vampire. She was still playing with her pussy while getting all the cum out my dick. When I was done I could not even move. I was in some weird yoga position. I said “DAMN, that was good”. I wish I had got that in high school. She told me that I could not get all of that in high school but pretty close to that. Then I said why we didn’t have sex back then. She told me straight out “you never came out to get it” It all hit me like Neo in the matrix. Now to this day I have based my life on that. GET WHAT YOU WANT!!! I have never stopped with public affection, telling women how I fell, and just being straight up with someone. As far as the girl goes I wish I could tell you that we got married or something like that. We had a relationship but grew apart. I know this is a long story but I just wanted to share something with the AdultFriendFinder ppl. I still want to know what turned you out or on?

lickablelips76 40F
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4/2/2006 10:52 am

That story was SOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTT! I got a weakness for sexually agressive men! That story made me wet!

shonuff314 replies on 4/3/2006 4:16 am:
Thank you, always glad to make a women melt.

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