shonenaiyuki 33M
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6/4/2006 1:32 pm

wow....its been so long since i was last on the computer.....
really...i was sooooo busy (kind of)
i got a job (YAY!)
i'm working as an intern at a radio station
(not like i get to talk or anything....*sigh* pays.)
also me and margot went on the trip to D.C
(she treats me like her pet and dosent let me wander...i think she just likes it to look like she has a man *teehee*)
it actually was alot funner than i thought it'd be...(i...
i saw jeb two days ago we went to a club downtown...
then we came back to my apartment....
i'd been feeling really down without him
(thanks for the comfort!!!!!) ^.^,
and anyways.....we had alot more fun here than at the club
YUP! >.<''
(if you people didnt know my name is james)

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