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5/16/2005 9:46 am

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the feet

Here is something that invites me to bring out in the open. Ladies? What is it about the feet that bother you the most? Is it the toes? The arch or lack thereof? Or is it because they get dirty alot?
What happens if lets say you take your shoes off and sit down to read this. Make sure your socks, pantyhose or anything covering your feet is off. Now work with me here. Prop up your feet on a chair or on top of your pc desk. Look at your feet. Now, tell me, what is it that turns you off about them? Their yours! You have to walk with them! Might as well make the best of it and adore them. What are you going to do? Amputate them off? You wish you could but imagine what you will have to replace them. Not a good idea now is it?

Now, imagine a man who undresses you slowly and works down to your pumps or sandals or any other foot cover you may be wearing. You hesitate. You wonder if he is going to be turned off from the site of your hoofs. Relax. Coming from an "Al Bundy" you have nothing to worry about. I have seen many feet and believe you me there are some real winners and losers. But think about it for a moment. Lets just say that you want to mentally believe you have sexy feet. Fantasize about the man undressing you starts to lick you toes from the little one to the big one and back again. I know, some of you are already going "eeeuuuuu".
Hey, relax. Just imagine. Nobody is watching you right now. You are in the privacy of your own domain. Now start again. Close your eyes and fantasize about him licking your arch from the toes to your heel and his tongue is wet so you feel him slightly tickling you. Your back starts to arch a little and you sink into is exploration.
Now you are starting to loosen up to his curiousity and yours as well. Will he continue? Will he get turned off? Well, first of all, why is he doing it in the first place? He is what a man should do to turn a woman on to foreplay and not just hop in the sack for a quickie. C'mon! Don't you girls like a little tease beforehand? That is what gets you in the mood quicker but yet more erotically. That gives you the reason to let it last more for the moment. I know. I have done that many times when the woman lets go and lets the man do his thing. Try it. You just might like it. Especially at the brink of orgasm.

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