shniffles 33F
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5/31/2006 11:20 pm

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6/1/2006 8:14 am


Just a quick question....

Who was the person that thought up "Yo' Mama..." jokes?

They are way, super funny. I mean did that person ever think it would be as big a joke as it is today?

How many of you out there in the world has said a "Yo' Mama...." joke in there life time?

Just wanted to put that out there.

Love ya later,


pmaster71 45M

6/1/2006 12:25 am

I have done some research on the subject.
It appears that 'Mama' was a code word
for 'Master' back in the days of slavery.

An easy way for slaves to talk badly about
their masters without getting brutaly beaten.
A very creative outlet which has expanded
over time.

Brings a whole new thought to a little joke
like "Yo mama so stupid you have to dig for her IQ!"

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