It was a Shocker  

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6/19/2006 9:07 pm

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It was a Shocker

Well Y'all,

I have posted several blog entries and advice questions about my relationship with my boyfriend. For those who care and for those who have read all of that shit, me and the fucker are over.

He has been seeing someone else the whole time we have been back together and the shit hit the fan two days ago.

I called him on my break at work. I didn't get an answer but didn't leave a message, I could always call back. About five seconds later I get a call from his number. It's her, who I still don't know the name too, and she tells me that he is her boyfriend and not to call that number anymore. This was a freaking shock to me because the day before he called early in the morning to tell me he loved me and all that crap. That night he sent text messages telling me that he loved me ad that I was beautiful. When I told her that, she got pissed at him.

He would not talk to me and told her to hang up on me. I left work because I was so upset. The way it happened was such a surprise. I called and called and called. I left like a hundred messages for him to call me back because the new bitch had turned his phone off. Some of them were tearful and some were angry as hell. When the coward finally had the balls to call back, he really didn't have much to say. When I asked why he had asked me to get back with him and string me along the whole time, all he could say was "I don't know". Well, he wants to be with her. So me and the bastard are over.

I did cheat on him, and I felt very retched for it. But now I don't feel guilty at all because he was doing the same thing. I guess we both got what we deserved from each other.

I still love him, but that will fade. I hope soon.

To all that care...I know that time heals all wounds.

Love ya later,

cock_4_cplz 54M

6/22/2006 10:10 am

don't let it get the best of you. enjoy life - you did not need the loser anyway.

contact me if you need some tongue attention to that sad little clitty of yours.....just lay back and enjoy

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