Wow, what a Fridaynight  

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12/18/2005 8:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wow, what a Fridaynight

I was bored Friday night and cruising both AdultFriendFinder and yahoo chat rooms. I stumbled across a woman's profile on yahoo. She was married, lived between Roch and Buffalo and had a nice topless pic in her profile. I sent the standard "hey, how's it going?" instant message and her hubby responded back.

We made a little small talk and it turned out they were looking for an unknown guy to come over and fuck her while he video taped. He laid out the ground rules: she would be blindfolded the entire time; no ass play; and she liked it aggressive but not too rough. Since I was up for an adventure and didn't feel like watching another repeat of "Cops" I decided to make the hour drive to their place.

Hubby met me at the front door and had me undress in the bathroom. He said she was waiting in the bedroom but to be quiet at first to heighten the element of surprise. I walked in and there she was, blindfolded, with just a pair of well worn white panties, and tied spread eagle to the bed! I've roll played before where my partner was loosely bound but never have I taken it to this level.

I walked over and pinched her nipple. Then I cupped a breast and gently bit down on the nipple. She started breathing heavier and I did the same to the other. I then stood on the bed, straddled her face, and lowered my balls to her mouth. I told her to suck them real good as I rubbed my dick over the blindfold.

After sucking my balls a bit, I hopped off and went to the foot of the bed. As I said before, her panties were worn and had a small tear in the elastic waistband. I tore them apart and began to rub her clit in circular motions. I slid a finger into her and spread her juice over her clit. I kept this up and eventually got three, almost four, fingers into her.

Hubby was running around the bed with the camera and said it was time to fuck her. I mounted her and slid right in. I gave her a good firm pounding. I could hear and feel my balls bounce off her ass. I shot my load deep into her pussy.

Well, that was about it. His wife and I never exchanged a word nor did she ever see my face. I thanked Hubby for sharing his wife with me and went home. I hope to come across them again on yahoo and hope the invite me over again.

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