The Official First Time  

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12/31/2005 10:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Official First Time

I mentioned a post or two ago about a girl I met on AdultFriendFinder where we had a miscommunication between us. We got things cleared up and she came to my house yesterday afternoon.

She came to the side door which is off of the kitchen. When she got to the kitchen sink I wrapped my arms around her, leaned in and gave her a kiss. Our lips touched and I felt electricity go through me. She molded her body against mine and our lips parted and tongues met. We both quivered and moaned with excitement and went to the bedroom.

She laid down on the bed and I massaged her back, her neck, and her shoulders. I threw in soft gentle kisses along her ear and cheek, sometimes kissing down her spine as I massaged her. She shifted to her side and I laid down next to her. Her hand slipped into my sweats and rubbed my firmness. Mine slipped down her pants, past her panties, and to her wetness. My finger traced along her, going in deep. Other times rubbing along her clit. I would take my finger, coated with her wetness and bring it to my mouth. We both shared in tasting her wetness.

The rest of the afternoon was a delightful haze. Somewhere we became undressed and she took me in her mouth. She teased me to the point of cumming but stopped. She mounted and rode me. She was gentle and dominate at the same time. I would thrust up as she came down. My dick going in so deep and my balls slapped against her ass.

She rolled off me and laid on her back. I kissed and sucked her breasts and nipples, working my way down to her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit, inserted a finger into her. Then two. Then three. I also gently slid a finger into her ass.

She pulled me up and had me enter her. She was like liquid fire, so warm, moist, and yielding. She raised her hip and wrapped her legs around my waist. I couldn't hold back and released deep in her.

We held each other, just cuddling, kissing, talking, and caressing each other. That lead to another bout of incredible sex.

After the second round I figured I was done, but again with her touch and kisses, I found I still had more to offer. She got on her knees and offered me her ass. I spread her ass cheeks and licked her anus. She responded by pushing her ass further towards my mouth. I lubed my finger with some handy KY and inserted it. A few gentle strokes later and my finger was in her up to my knuckle. I pulled out and fingered her pussy, then used my thumb to enter her ass. After two cums I wanted to take her rear, but was not quite hard enough, so I happily settled for a doggy style ride. She was like a possessed woman. We were going at so hard the bed was slamming into the wall.

I shot my final load but she still had a little more. I laid next to her and as she fingered herself as I slapped her ass. She would moan and catch her breath when a particularly good slap connected. The slapping became more aggressive and she had her last cum with me.

I looked at the clock and couldn't 't believe we had went at it for 5 hours. And, three cums for me! I couldn't even do that when I was teenager. I definitely want more of this woman!

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