I need some sun!!  

shiversguy 56M
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12/10/2005 8:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I need some sun!!

Considering it's cloudy out I feel good today. My moods are very sensitive to sunlight. I need daylight like a crack head needs coke. Sunrise at 7, sunset at 4 is very tough on me. Winter would be so much bearable with extra daylight. I've put up with it for 45 years so I guess I know the routine by now. Had am excellent work out this morning (at the gym). If only I could have had another type of workout LOL.

My job allows me to meet quite a few foreign people. I was talking with a fella from India. He was telling me about a providence over there called Goa. It's on the western coast. He said for a few thousand dollars I could buy a nice place and spend the rest of my life like a King over there. Sounds nice. I like the idea of being addressed "Your Royal Highness" LOL!

Got an email Xmas card from the Craig's List girl. She's settled in to her new life. There were a few references about "dad" and "daughter" but they were in fun. Neither one of us wants to rock the boat on that subject. I think we will just leave well enough alone.

Time to walk the dog. Taking her on some trails so she can chase critters and vermin. That should be a nice 5 mile hike for both of us.

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