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I've been debating with myself if this story is something I should share or not. Since I'm posting it, obviously I decided to share it. It tells how I became interested in some of my more alternative interests. This happened in the mid '80's while I lived in Utica.

Back then I was very involved in martial arts. The Dojo was above a strip club and the Sensi would work weekends as a doorman for the club. After practice a few of us would stop in the club for a drink and also a couple of the girls were taking lessons. This gave me a chance to know the girls not just as a patron but also a bit socially.That's how I started dating Carol, a dancer at the club. She and I dated for a few years.

It was New Years Eve and Carol's club was closed, so she didn't have to work. We decided to go to another club which was open that night. As we were going in the club, a cab pulled up and Erica got out. Carol and Erica were good friends and Erica also worked at the same club as Carol.

Erica was pissed off because her date for the night canceled, so Carol and I said just hang with us. We got a table in a dark corner and started drinking, eating, and watching the girls. Now in Utica all the dancers knew each other so there was a steady stream of women and drinks flowing over to out table. The drunker we got, the more friskee Carol and Erica became towards me. I remember Carol being in the ladies room and I was looking pretty hard at Erica's breasts. She undid a few buttons on her shirt, and asked if I wanted to make sure they were real. I played it cool and said I seen her breasts plenty of times while she danced, so I was sure they were real. She just laughed it off as Carol returned.

We closed down the club and headed back to Carols place. Carol and I were on the couch and Erica was in a chair. The booze were catching up to us and Carol and I began to make out. Thing were getting hotter between us, I had Carols shirt open and was kissing her breasts. She was pulling my shirt out of my pants and fumbling with my belt. Erica came over and joined in, kissing us both and helping to remove our clothing.

I took off Erica's shirt and jeans, but she wouldn't let me remove her panties. She said she was having her period. We all got naked, except for Erica in her panties, and began sucking, kissing, and feeling each other. I was persistent and kept trying to remove Erica's panties. I knew her will power was waning, and finally I gave then a quick tug and removed them.

Well, I was in for on hell of a shock. The girl I had watched dance all those months had a surprise. She wasn't Erica but Eric, a chick with a dick! I wasn't mad or upset, or anything. I was actually more curious. Carol giggled a little and something like "this stays between us three only". I figured we gone this far, we might as well go all the way.

The rest of the night was spent sucking and fucking. I remember Carol sitting on the edge of the couch, I was on my knees eating her, Erica was behind me licking my ass. That was the first time I had that done and enjoyed it immensely. I remember fucking Carol as she sucked on Erica's dick. Carol said it would be a turn on to watch me suck on it also, so I did. Another first for me! Finally, Erica got on all fours, spread her ass cheeks, and asked me to fuck her. I gladly did while Carol stroked Erica's shaft. That was also the first time I had anal sex. It was so good and so hot! We finally crashed on the floor exhausted.

The three of us never did get together like that again. I'm not really sure why not. It just didn't happen. We all continued to be friends until Erica decided to leave town.

Since then, about once or twice a year, I've get a fetish for transvestites. It's very, very difficult to find them. I'm not sure if Rochester even has any. The closest I've found is very passable cross dressers. Even those are rare. I'll be the first to admit that I am very picky when selecting someone for this fetish.

I'm not sure if this makes me bi-sexual or not. Thats why for my sexual orientation it says prefer not to say. Actually, I don't care what I am. As long as all parties are in agreement, who cares! For anyone who's interested there is a link in my AdultFriendFinder profile to my ALT profile.

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