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......this is all going to happen to me next week....
Dear shispook,

Creating a life of abundance for yourself is simple if you remember the magic words: "thank you." It's important to be reminded of how much we all have to be grateful for, and to make that "attitude of gratitude" a part of our daily lives.

Now, you might say, "What does being grateful have to do with abundance? And maybe I don't feel like I have much to be grateful for. I'm not a millionaire, I don't have a Jaguar, I hate my job…." The list could go on, couldn't it, Shispook? But you may notice something else about that list. It consists of everything you don't have. That's called focusing on a lack. And it's a rule of the Universe that what you direct your focus on, you emphasize or energize and create more of. So, by focusing on what you don't have, you're simply creating more lack. It reminds me of learning about adding a positive and a negative number in grade school ‒ you will always get less than what you started out with.

I'm talking about giving thanks for what you do have and the fortunate experiences of each day. You can start small. For example, maybe you got a seat on the bus or train this morning on the way to work and didn't have to stand. Maybe the weather forecast said rain, but the sun came out. Or, even if you're unhappy in a job, at least you have one! And then, of course, there are the people in your life. You can be grateful to have the love and support of a spouse or mate or circle of friends or relatives. And don't forget the unconditional love of a pet.

The Hausa people of Nigeria have a saying, "Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot." And that is just how the Universe works. When you focus on and express your thanks for what you do have, and the joy and love already in your life, the more abundance, joy, and love you will create in your life. To help you in this process, why not take some time at the end of each day to jot down a few things that happened that you were grateful for. You can call it your gratitude journal. I know that you will be surprised at all of the entries you can make when you take time to think about it. You are already blessed, Shispook, and will only be blessed more when you have a grateful heart.

And, as Native American wisdom teaches us, don't forget to "give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."

January 9 - January 15

While the first few days of the week will undoubtedly be startling, surprising, and quite full of the unexpected, come the weekend, you should prepare yourself for work -- and, oddly enough, not to mind it at all. For the most part, however, all this work will pertain and be performed in your home and for your family, thanks to Saturday's Full Moon in domestic, loving Cancer. So, with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun, the three planets closest to all of us here on Earth, all wearing hard-working, disciplined Capricorn, there's no doubt we'll all be tending to those people and those objects we value the highest.

As if that's not enough to add inspiration to the Full Moon's urge to tend to home, family, and emotional matters, add in the fact that while red-hot, energetic Mars isn't in Capricorn, it is in equally diligent, extremely stubborn-minded Taurus, the sign most famous for never ending work on a project until it's completely and totally finished. If you need to finish something strenuous, Shispook, this is the time to do it -- and since Cancer does rule family matters, delegating some of those duties would be perfectly acceptable.
Shispook, I want you to take maximum advantage of the luck coming your way this week. From my calculations, Wednesday is going to be your lucky day for this period. And your Lucky Numbers are 18, 21, 27, 15, 26, 33. I hope you'll make the best of them.

January 9th for Shispook
There is someone in your life that is particularly steadfast and true to you. They have the wisdom to help you with a worry you may have today, dear one. Invite them over for a heart-to-heart talk.

Stimulating conversation on this day may lead to previously unknown resources. I feel that this may be a lucky money day for you, my dear. A refund that you've been expecting may arrive in the mail.

You could find yourself in a sentimental mood at this time. You may need to sort out your feelings in order to clarify your thinking about a situation. You'll then be better able to make a decision.

A close companion or loved one may make you an offer you can't refuse. The opposite sex finds you attractive now, my friend, and you could make some interesting contacts through business or social gatherings.

January 10th for Shispook
You may have the urge to explore your neighborhood with someone close to you today. If the weather permits, go for a long walk. If you'd rather go for a drive, don't forget to turn down the radio and talk.

Don't make any hasty decisions, my friend. If a situation is getting on your nerves, take a break from it. This will lend you the perspective to formulate a new plan of action.

Others will be watching to see how you're doing. This concern may come from someone who has had a long association with you. But someone younger may also look in.

January 11th for Shispook
Humanitarianism is the keyword of the day, my friend. You may find that you are sought out for comfort no matter where you go or what you do. People are apt to seek your wisdom and compassion.

It's important for you to stick to your principles, my friend. Entering into a deal that forces you to go against your beliefs will only weigh on your conscience. Follow your heart.

Your viewpoint could change after witnessing an emotional encounter on the street today. It's good to look upon such situations as life lessons. You're really growing.

January 12th for Shispook
You will likely be in the mood to share your love with everyone you encounter today. You may find that you enjoy telling stories about your life to those you meet now. They will listen with wide ears.

An unusual person could challenge some beliefs you've held for a long time. You're starting to grow and change in exciting ways. I'm so proud of all the progress you've made.

January 13th for Shispook
Today could be a respite from the intense focus you may have had in your life lately. You can feel like letting it all hang out today, and spending some fun and casual time out in the neighborhood.

Family involvements outside the home are likely to require some of your attention and personal efforts now. Motivation will probably be high and your philosophical outlook can bring you success.

If you are feeling more emotional today, then try not to be too harsh in your judgment calls. Give others a margin for error and keep your expectations reasonable, my friend. Read some inspirational material.

Some lessons are hard to learn, and that may be why you're learning one slowly. Look over your current situation carefully, and see if you can determine in what direction you're going.

January 14th for Shispook
If you've been dreaming a lot lately, now may be the time to make your fantasies into reality. Sharing the wisdom you've found in dreams with curious folks can help you understand them better.

Your creativity can be inspired today, and people may take notice. It may seem as if you are more in control of your life than ever before, and that everything is just plain fun.

Check your social calendar and appointment schedules closely today, my friend, as there could otherwise be a costly slip-up. Your emotional barometer is probably working overtime now. Work on your attitude.

There may just be too many things on your plate to handle all in one day. You would do welll to look, realistically, at just what you can get done on this day. If your energy is low, cut yourself some slack.

January 15th for Shispook
You can be received well by associates today, my dear. Your personality should sparkle and shine, and you may be empowered to get everything done well right now. You can get the help you need.

Communications involving your daily responsibilities will be plentiful now, and the domestic scene doesn't promise to be any less quiet. Use this period for promoting your ideas, and projects.

Don't allow those in authority to play on your psychological weaknesses. Take your own affairs in hand, especially those concerning your work or daily responsibilities.

Don't be careless with your daily responsibilities today. Work related duties will require your skilled attention and commitment. The opinions of others are blunt. Don't let them affect you.

It looks like relationships will be in the spotlight next week, Shispook.

Best Regards,



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