New Orleans play time  

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12/2/2005 11:54 am

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New Orleans play time

Avter the tragidy that struck New Orleans with the hurricanes one would think that everyone would have just quit and gave would think. Not the natives of New Orleans. Yes many have left and have nothing but some have remained and are trying to rebuild.
My b/f is a contractor from Florida and took his crew there to repair one of our friend's mothers home.
I went and joined them last weekend before they returned home for a break. But while I was there I have to say yes there's alot of distruction and still some amount of chaos. But alot of businesses are trying to jump start the area by reopening, especially in the Quarter.
For the most part is was as I remembered it. Alot of people are still partying on the weekends especially on Saturday night. Curfew sucks, unless u like the lock down rule. That's being locked in the bar drinking or whatever till 5am.
Well Scott and I go to this one bar called the Dungeon and we met up with some really awesome locals (giving shout outs to Melissa, Joe, Shannon, Steve, and Veronica) of which Veronica and I played with...With everything that's happened there most people we met have an attitude like was a storm and there's nothing we could have done kinda frame of know a shit happens thing....
Well I wanted to type this and let people know ...visit the Quarter when you can..go to Mardi Gras (they're planning to still have the party no matter what) these people get there city back....
Thanks..and have a great day


p.s. anyone from the New Orleans area feel free to contact me ..we are going back the week before christmas...

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