We were tagged, so here goes....  

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4/4/2006 8:46 pm

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We were tagged, so here goes....

Since I usually post, the answeres will refer to my weirdness alone, lol.

1 - I'm a history geek.

2 - I listen to almost anything. Today I played Bob Marley, Commom Rotation, Kane, Lucy Pearl, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Fuel, & DMB.

3 - I attract psychos (offline). Not nearly as many as I used to, but will find me in the most crowded space.

4 - I'm shy. It's easy to be out & open online or offline in a large group, but I'm actually a quiet kind of girl.

5 - I'm a workaholic, but when I decide I've had enough, that's it. I won't even look at ym computer or answer the phone.

6 - I can't drive worth squat. Last time I was behind the wheel I decided to hit a deer. Been walking a little funny ever since.

I have no idea who to tage back, so i won't. I guess that should be my #7 - I don't like following the rules.


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