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7/20/2005 4:04 pm

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I Find Women Beautiful - All Women

I know it may sound kind of silly or even korny, but I do find all women beautiful. I can except every woman just as she is except for the exception of women who are ugly inside. Those women I would like to help sometimes, find out why, run away from them, or just wipe away the ugly look from their eyes so they could be pretty.

I am kind of a tom boy-ish type so I have a vast majority of male friends and hardly any girl friends. I have a great half sister in NC, a great friend in OH and that is about it for women. Most of my guy friends are astonished by me because they say I can think like a man and my girl friends can say I can figure out men well but understand and feel like a girl and hide a lot of it well around guys that I don't need them to know what is working around in my head. Anyway, my point is men are pigs. I know why they think the way they do, and am astonished (this must be the woman part of me) when I have asked them if they can see the beauty I see in a woman. They will respond with a, "HELL NO" or a "Are you kinding?" type response. I just wanted to lay that out when I tell you how I just can sit and be amazed by beauty in every woman and be amazed that no one see it. And, all the while I have a hunger to go up to the woman and tell her, and not even necessarily in a sexual way, just in a passing comment, that I, see it. But, I would probably wind up looking like a freak.

I go to this one cafe in Peoria from time to time for breakfast. It is a humble cafe with good homestyle like cooking. A couple come in. There is this doltish old man - I am not sure if he is her father or her something else - and then there is her. What an awe admiring light that shines from her. Her face is so angelic. Her eyes bright and intelligent. Her smile lights the room. Her presence is just special. If you look at her from the general public standards however, you will see a medium build obese, double chin, unstyled haircut, typical everyday person. What a shame the world misses what I see. I have sat so many times and watched. Looked away on different days, rubbed my eyes, asked two different breakfast partners, and they say she is ugly, all the while I am seeing an angel, a person with a soul, and a most wonderful face!

I had to stay in Bosley Hospital for a prescription drug reaction for 4 days. Everyday, an elderly woman, a volunteer would come and read to me because my eyes had been bound in gauze. On my forth day, I had only built an image in my head of her which included all the typical elderly details you would imagine. And she was old, her hair white, her wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, neck, but she was wonderfully beautiful even though she had horrible teeth. She had great cheekbones and you knew she smiled at everything.

I went on a coffee date with a woman I met via the internet. Unfortunately, our schedules just didn't mesh. She was not a typical model, but she was definitely a hot pot. She had beautiful soft glowing dark almond skin, lips that wanted to be tasted, a smile that never stoped and eyes that peered into your soul. Her body was bbw, but it was so warm when she hugged me, so full and I loved it. I loved talking to her. She usually got passed by or looked over by so many women because of her bbw or being black. Why so many would pass up a treasure I don't know. I even consider myself a fool for missing such an intelligent, warm, pretty lady.

I even see extremely skinny girls as pretty. Most of them are too young for me. Or they will look me straight over if they aren't young. HECK, I am on my way to being a very skinny person, I was a year and a half ago before I had a serious accident that prevented me from exercise totally. I like healthy skinny. The thing is most don't even want to glance my way to make the time of day, smile any more, or include the whole human race. Society has stripped beauty from everyone. The media has blinded us from those who do not fit the mold and those who make the cut are in such a whirlwind they may be trapped in too much stress to be a certain way, look a certain way, count carbs, count the calories, count the points, exercise for 2 hours, work for 8, commute for 2, dine out for 3, chores for 3, sleep for what? We all are running on full tilt no matter our size. My other point is has anyone stopped to see how pretty someone is? Just a stranger? Enjoy a moment, a space, a place in time? Even for me it is hard. That is why I am amazed and feel blessed when I get to see it. I see all women as beautiful. I can't wait till we all get the chance to do it more often.

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