Angelina - One Woman & The Difference  

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7/28/2005 2:58 pm

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Angelina - One Woman & The Difference

Yes a celebrity. Angelina Jolie, a single woman has really made a massive difference on the world. Here is this most perfect, and let's admit it, hottest woman in Hollywood, and she is actually out in the trenches. Don't be fooled either folks. She just isn't throwing money at the problems of the world, she isn't posing for publicity pictures, she actually has been down and dirty, doing the actual work! Of course, we see snapshots, she sends mass amounts of money and advocates other Hollywood mogels to jump onboard, but this woman doesn't set up nice hospital visits, one little ring of poor people, a few of the infected to stand by her. No, she waddles thru it all. She touches as many as she can, she dones the customs, she fights to reach a bus and climbs aboard to aid the people. She is not a fake. She is real. How did a girl who grew up in the beds of wealth become so aware? Who knows? Lets just be glad she did.

Now you see others jumping on the band wagon to be photographed with a surviving HIV girl on a concert stage, you see Prince William mimicing his mother's actions to the tee, U2 digging thier heels into EVERY issue except the one issue they should be! (U2 should go home [Ireland] and help with the mess of politics, hate, and war there!). Why is it now it is a huge up rising? Sure we had one for Sept. 11, and the Tsunami, but why not a steady concern? Sure they have "Pet Causes", but look at how these people live, but never get dirty. They have so much power, they are not educated to preach to the public, but they do. Several of them tell us they want our voice at a website and not our money. Our voice is our money. We voice, we petition, we vote, our taxes go to things that are not here in are home land. We should individually contribute, the celebrities should get dirty for real, not for picture time, they should educate themselves, Americans should only preach to Americans, we do have a voice. Voice your concerns to your favorite celebrity to truly follow the lead of the common people working to do right. We the people pay these celebrities big money for films, music, and entertainment. Voice to them where that money should go. Don't make the eagle shit green, make the celebrity shit first. Angelina Jolie, had it made from the start. She didn't have to do what she did. She didn't know any different. But she did it anyway. A lot of these stars scrapped there way up. They seem to have forgotten reality. But, We the People haven't and don't be fooled.

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