When It Rains, It Pours...  

shedaisee 34F
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4/14/2006 9:56 am
When It Rains, It Pours...

MMMMMMMM, what a busy two days I had. Wednesday night I went to see my hot sexy army bubba friend. Hadn't seen him in forever. Had a great time! He can go downtown for hours, and does. I just love hanging out with him too, he's like homefolks. We sit and talk, shoot the breeze, catch up on things, and then have rockin' Os. What a great arrangement. Hit a little bump in the road though when I came out of his apartment and went to my car. Someone had parked behind me and blocked me in. GREAT... Drama... He drove around in his truck, his huge ass country boy truck and went knockin' on doors until he found who owned it. He told them if they didn't move it he'd tow it himself. LMAO! I love a man that's protective of me. They moved it.

Yesterday my cable guy had a job in my complex so he stopped by to say hi. Hehe... Came over just to tease me... How mean is that? It turned out being rather nice actually. He is just as insatiable as I am. He teased and touched and rubbed. I love that. I love that he touches everything, arms, legs, wrists, hands, everything. Makes everything on me feel beautiful. Of course, teasing led to playing around. Before I knew it he asked me to get down on my knees with my back facing him for "a surprise." He lifted up my shirt and started kissing and nibbling on my back. WOW OH WOW! Then he reached around and started fingering me at the same time. If it hadn't been for his arms holding me up I would have fallen. OMG!!! After I came about 4 times I ripped off his jeans and started going down on him. He kept telling me how much he loved watching his dick slide in and out of my mouth. Then he asked where my camera was. I was glad he had because my photographer friend had asked for a shot of someone cumming on my ass. I asked if he minded taking that shot. He cracked a smile and said he'd be more than happy to oblige me. I think we've created a monster...

My hubby got home and after the baby went to sleep I came out of the bathroom and he was laying on the bed naked. He attacked me. WOW! We had the dirtiest, awesomest anal sex we'd had in a long time. He was slapping my ass and my nipples. Making me work for his cum in my ass. He had me begging for him to cum. We were both hot a sweaty and dirty. I broke out a few lines I hadn't said in a LONG time... Something like, "Make it hurt Drill Sergeant, Make it hurt." (No, he's not a drill dergeant.) And "Please sir, come in my ass." He was very dominate, "Did I tell you to quit playing with your clit?" "Did I tell you you could slow down riding me?" Gawd, what a fucking scene! When he finally shot his load I came so hard I thought I was going to crawl up the ceiling!

{Sigh...} Sex is like a drug to me, the more I get, the more I want... MMMMMMMMMMM!

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