My Sweet Lover  

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8/8/2006 2:06 pm

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My Sweet Lover

Last night I went to see my sweet lover. We hadn't seen each other in over a month because of schedules and families, etc. He'd been IMing me for two days, kinda priming the pump for later. And in talking like that we came to realize that there were things we each liked that we hadn't explored with the other. My sweet lover is still sweet, but he's also a little more open than I thought he was. MMMMMMMMMM...

I got to his door and knocked. I was in my corset, black knee high boots, short denim skirt, and nothing else but a smile. He opened the door and let me in. I had no sooner set my bag down than he started kissing me and reaching under my skirt to play with my clit. And then when I sat down to take my boots off he went down on me on the couch. Oh wow, can he go downtown! I love the way his tounge feels. We decided to move to the bedroom where He stripped off his shirt. He's been tanning. He was so nice and smooth. Yummy. We kissed some more and then I went down on him. He had his hands in my hair and was starting to moan when he finally pulled me up to him and rolled us over. He teased for a few minutes while he grabbed a condom, he's such a tease, and then entered me. Wow it felt good! We moved together and before long I was cumming over and over and over. He would thrust and suck on my nipples. He loves my breasts. He worshipped them last night. I love that.

He reached in my bag and pulled out my toy. He lay in front of me and watched me play. I love being watched. It turns me on so much. He stroked while he watched me. When I came I came so hard and before I could even recover he had teased my clit and was inside me again. WOW! What a sensation! Then I got on top of him and rode him. When I got on top of him he looked concerned. He remembered that I can't be on top for very long due to an old knee injury. That's what makes him my sweet lover, he remembers little things and notices little things. After several more Os we lay next to each other and he got out the camera. He took some shots of me stroking him and then some shots of him fingering me, then one of my playing with my toy again. He's quite the photographer. Then he started licking me again and licked my ass... UMMMMMMMMM! It was then that I turned over and we did anal. Very nice, I must say. And after a while he switched condoms and started fucking my pussy again while he got my toy and fucked my ass with it. Oh wow, did I go crazy! I love the dp feeling! Finally we both lay down and he jerked off the condom. I sucked him off while playing with his balls and fingering his ass (more guys like that than I would have thought) and when he shot his load, I swallowed it. He had mentioned that no one had ever swallowed his whole load before. Hehe, I fixed that little fantasy for him.

After that we just lay there for almost 30 minutes, he would run his fingers all over my boyd, stopping here and there to play with my breasts. He's so sweet. That's what I love about this lifestyle, so many different types of people. It's so neat to see. Certainly had a great time!

2daycowboywanted 45F

8/8/2006 2:42 pm

And here is to your great time!

Until later

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