Meet and Greet... And More  

shedaisee 34F
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6/25/2006 9:30 pm
Meet and Greet... And More

Last night the hubby let me outta the house to go meet and greet with a guy I'd met on here. We met a coffee shop and really hit it off. We talked for almost an hour and a half, really enjoying ourselves. I love that, when it's more than just T&A. Am I a very sexual being? Absolutely! At the same time do I want to be appreciated for more than just my sexual attributes? Doesn't every woman? When we got ready to leave he asked what I was going to do. I smiled, kind of arched my eyebrow, and told him I could go home or I could come hang out with him. He assured me he wanted me to come hang out with him. I pretty much knew that was what he wanted, but it is never good to assume.

We drove back to his place, laid on his bed, and talked some more. He was very sweet, noticing things about me, like my pedicure, paying attention to my hands, my jewelry, etc. He really took his time, and I liked that. And everytime I would cum he would get the sexiest little grin, almost like he was thinking "I did that." That was awesome. And wow, can he keep up with me! At one point he asked how long I wanted to keep going. I told him I had a baby that woke up at 8 AM. He looked at the clock and said, "Great, that gives up 5.5 hours." I love the way he thinks. I just love a man who can keep up with me and thinks like I do. MMMMMMMMM, what a great night! Certainly worth the sleep I lost!

And don't go feeling bad for my hubs, he had a friend over while I was out having fun. And they certainly had fun too. His blog is here: swinginastrosfan.

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