Confessions of a NYMPH  

she4anything 42F
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6/2/2005 4:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Confessions of a NYMPH

New to the whole BLOG scene,but I'm willing to write a few kinky thoughts so all the world will know what kind of slut I am without knowing who I am!! Well some of you might have an idea and then there are those that will find out in person!!

Here it is: In my profile I wrote no single men. I wrote this because Im married, but honestly so of you guys that have hit me up make me very horny! I love the feel of a big ol'dick streching my pussy out. I love the feel of your meat deep inside me me pounding away. Then when that hot ick of yours gets ready to explode I like you to do just inside me so I can feel it run out of me!!

For eveyone interested in fucking me (both guys and girls) Im no saint and I cant stand to "make love" when your with me you'd better bring your A game. I like to be Fucked and I like it to get crazy. If you use me like a slut then dont even think about contacting me. I like to be spanked as in HARD! I like to see my ass turn from golden brown to cherry red. Love taps just dont get it done for me. You also need to know when to smack my ass a miss timed smack just plain kills the mood.

Girls: I've never gone all the way with you in person Ive only kissed a couple of my friends and touched some girls in our 3/4-somes, but dont let that worry you. I plan to be just as wild as you let me and I have dreamed about tasting you for years now. The thought of your wonderful pussy dripping in my open mouth has gotten me off more times than I can count. Also ladies dont be afraid to bring your freaky side. I'm not afraid of anything and I expect you to spank my ass just as hard as the guys!!

Couples: most of you are out here because somebody doesnt do something for the other person. The rest of you are like my husband and I too sexual for our own damn good. We like to fuck and would kill each other if we tried to satisfy each others appetite. I say that for this reason, girls if your hubby/boyfriend/fuck buddy doesnt float your boat or make you pussy scream for more dont contact me. If he's a bad lay or doesnt know how to use his dick leave him at home or something. I would never let another girl fuck my husband if I didnt know deep down that he wouldn't be able to rock her world. BTW he's 6'5 245 packing around 9 inches, he knows how to use everything he's got so be prepared!!

Finally to all you single guys, old farts, 18/19 year olds looking for someone to "hook up" with I have a special message for you. DON NOT CONTACT ME!!! If youre at home right now alone, do not contact me! If you look down and see more belley than dick do not contact me! If you cruise websites and chat rooms with your dick exposed on a web cam do not contact me! If youre single DO NOT CONTACT ME!!! The fact that you are alone and cant get laid right now tells me that I dont want you and apparently noone else does either. So hit the gym, have it enlarged, or just quit being scarry and go outside into the real world and find a fuck buddy!!

Well I've said everything I could think of. By everyone love you lots!!

NightOfPassion2 58M

6/2/2005 12:03 pm

Joined AdultFriendFinder to meet and learn....having a sexy wife to satify (her boidouir photographer wanted to keep her pics as a model). And learn I have.....A+ and working on extra credit......

Hope you find what your looking for.....

Very nice pic BTW

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