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4/4/2005 10:40 am

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Started a story.....

I was not feeling truly at ease with the situation; but my lover continually kept me curious about what would next occur. My fear of the restraints had obviously been faked, as evidenced by the moistness that had immediately spread between my legs and the instant hardening of my nipples. No matter my words, my body knew my true desires. The blindfold also served merely to heighten my arousal. He knew this; just as he knew every contour of my eager flesh.

The element that caused my pulse to quicken and a lump rise to my throat was the sound of more than one person in the room. With my eyes covered, my heightened senses had become aware that there were more than the usual sounds of breathing and activity. I now understood why he had been so insistent about the blindfold- which was a relatively new-, although welcome addition to our bedroom/basement games.

Knowing that I was at his mercy (and that of his companion/s) made me feel as if the risk may be too great. We had arranged a safe-word. I whispered that very word over and over to myself; but I could not overcome my desire to find out what was was planned for my captive mind and body.

As I waited, I became aware of whispers somewhere in front of me. My lover was instructing someone with how to remove the last scraps of whispy fabric from my body. Try as I might, I was unable to hear a hint of whisper from the unknown person that would give me a clue to their identity. My shock was immediate when I felt cold metal against my skin and heard the sounds of my garment being cut away. Not knowing whether it was scissors or a knife, I held my breath, feeling nervous about the proximinity of whatever obviously sharp implement was being used to render me naked and vulnerable.

I felt breath upon my thigh as somebody knelt at my feet. Rough hands forced my legs apart, repositioning the cords that bound me to spread my thighs and present my my moist sex to view. My mind was awash with the sensation- reveling in the sensual way I was being used by these invisible hands. Hands that were, even now, kneading my thighs... using fingers and fingernails to bruise me softly... taking and giving simultaneously in a massage that quickened my breath and sent my pulse racing.

A sharp and abrupt smack on my backside returned my attention to the full scope of my situation. I could feel the leather whisper of the riding crop - an old friend in my lover's repertoire of excruciating excitement. Over and over the crop struck my bare ass - not lovingly. It was painful and a sob reced through my body at the harshness of it; competing with my other more lustful reactions and forcing me into a maelstrom of more sensation than I felt capable of containing within my body. I swam through a pain so delicious, agonizing and liberating as my stomach tightened and my pussy tingled.

With my sight restricted, every pore of my skin strained to absorb the sensations: the swift strikes of the leather crop, slowly and thoroughly pummelling my tender ass; the softer, but more penetrative touch on my thighs accompanied by the warm breath of this person who massaged me roughly but never approached my eager and throbbing lower lips or the pleasure center only barely hidden within.


4/19/2005 8:51 am

hi shaved

i did say u shud write ..but u r obviously more talented than i thought ...that is the beginnings of a great story ...not exactly my scene ..but i can still see u wud be good at writing erotic tales


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