In the begining, I was naked  

shavednaked1 61M
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6/7/2006 4:48 pm
In the begining, I was naked

Ok so we were all born naked at first thats a given, but this is about mostly what happens when we decided its time to get naked all over again later on in life.
For me I must say my first encounter with nudism in a social enviorment was when I had to take a freshman P.E. class that included a semester of swimming. It was bad enough at 15 or so not to be able to swim at all but to do it without a swimsuit was something else. The boys class was taught that way because the school said the swimsuits were made of cotton and would glog the filters. I look back at that now and realized this was not so because the janitor was too lazy to clean those filters, but more along the lines of body acceptence. I dont remember much about the class other than the water was warm and at the end of the semester I still couldnt swim.
But it was the begining of my awakening to the world of being clothes free. Later I would try sleeping in the nude but with my robe close by just in case my parents came into my room. At first sleeping with the covers on was no different that wearing clothes to bed, your body still had a cover over it. But the thought of being naked under the sheets was a thrill enough for me back then. I also remember when my parents would go to the mall I would say I was not interested in going and as soon as they left me home alone I tried my most daring feat of all times ,wandering around the house naked! Always on their lookout for their return I had a pretty good idea of how long I reallly had to be au naturel before they would return. Somehow I also mannage to combine the naked romp with my other new found pastime, masturbation!

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