Women!! Love em & hate em!  

shattered1959 57M
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6/23/2006 8:41 pm
Women!! Love em & hate em!

I'm just a middle aged guy. I've been married for 22+ years, and the spice is definetely left the marriage for some time now. My wife looks upon sex as an obligation. I love kissing her and touching her, but all she ever wants to do is "get it over with", which ia a real turn off. I try talking about it, but she shuts me down. I love the touch, the smell, and the intimacy of a woman, but am all alone. I find myself visiting these sites, just looking for some sexual companionship, but you can't get a response without committing to a financial commitment. It's probably just as well, I really don't want to be unfaithful, I'm just horny!

Ladies, any suggestions? What would make a woman want to keep her man happy? I'm a good provider, we enjoy quiet moments together with a glass of wine. But then it's nighty-night! I pull my share around the house, I'm not a couch potato.

Ladies...What am I missing?? She seems to want mere companionship, where I still feel the need for youthful passion. How can I make her feel the way I do, or, barring that, how can I be happy with what she has to offer?

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