Back to work!  

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7/19/2005 5:12 pm

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Back to work!

Well, I'm back from sunny Spain, where I have just speent 10 days doing absolutely bugger all apart from lounge by the pool all day, eat out every night (Food, that is!!!) and have a few beers! Had such a great and relaxing time- Just what the doctor ordered! Stayed most of the time with my Dad in his Penthouse, decked out on the terrace, soaking up the rays, and when I wasn't there, I was at my brothers Villa, In and out of his pool! Was sad to go really. Could easily have stayed out there forever, and one day I shall!! Had a couple of nights out in Puerto Banus, getting home at 6am!! Early nights then!! If there are any guys reading this, Puerto Banus is one place you HAVE to go to at some point in your life, just for the Eye Candy alone. Don't worry girls, there are lots of fit fellas there for you as well!!

Had my first day back at work today since the bombings 12 days ago. Not much was different really, apart from it was not quite as busy as normal, and some of the lines are still closed. I was slightly nervous, going into the tunnel for the first time, but soon relaxed and carried on as normal. Back into the swing of things easily.

only another 10 weeks to go till my next holiday though! Probably off to LA. Got a friend who lives out there and is always asking me when I'm gonna come over! So I may as well make use of the hospitality!!
Till then, just gotta plod on with work! Bollocks!!

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