becoming a goddess  

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1/17/2006 6:46 am

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becoming a goddess

so any of you who DID happen to catch me at the taj (or have met me before) may have noticed that i am not a size 2...actually, add a 0 to that...i made the mistake of getting on the depo shot after my daughter was born and gained nealry 60 pounds. 60 pounds which is pretty evenly distributed, but still not exactly coveted. i've wanted to loose weight for awhile. it took sir pointing out to me that while i want to loose it i don't want to work it off to make me realize that i haven't been doing much about it. so i went out and got some excercise tapes. a couple different ones to see what suits me best. i remember when i was younger i'd come home from shcool and my mom would be doing a richard simmons workout...and that they never worked, so i skipped right over all that and went for bellydancing and yoga first. today i tried body was NOT meant to move that way! i have figured out the problem, though...i need a real life instructor who will tell me what i'm doing wrong and tell me how to fix it...not this delphina lady who keeps telling me i am doing great and that i'm a "goddess" if i remember it correctly, most of those goddeses had a few extra pounds on, as well...wasn't venus a 'plus sized' woman? oh well...on to yoga i guess, and if all else fails, the ab, after that? lypo

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1/17/2006 12:05 pm

It took me forever to find a workout that was good for me. I was first doing Taebo which was ok but jumping around like a jumping bean was not the best thing for me. I still do the DVD but not that much. I then bought a Gazelle which did great for me. But I needed something more. Well one morning while looking for some cartoons for my little one to watch I happen to turn to a show called Body Electric. Its mostly for women over 40 but I started doing her excersices. I noticed that in most of the shows she uses leg weights and different types of hand weights. Well the next day I went to Walmart and got me some hand weights. Some of her shows are a little slow and others will flat out kick my ass but it works. I have been doing her show now for awhile now and have to say that it works for me. And since its muscle strengthing show I now have alittle bit of muscle to show off.

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1/18/2006 10:29 am

i've done the taebo before, Lady, and i actually did prety well with that...and then the warm up ended and he started with all the kicking and the doubletime...most of the aerobic excercises don't do much for me, i've never had any luck with them. i need something i can have fun with, i me the aerobics are just dull

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