another stolen in 100 sentences  

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2/4/2006 1:14 pm

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another stolen in 100 sentences

i could just tell you about last night, which was damn good, but i'm not sure a certain gentleman would appreciate me giving out his secrets. however i'm in very good spirits and felt like blogging, so here's another stolen idea...

1-my middle name is Joy
2-i'm a leo
3-i love animals and children, but animals more
4-i'm scared of chucky movies
5-i like the rain
6-i hate wearing wet clothes (bad when combined with #5)
7-i sometimes leave my shirt on during sex
8-i'm technologically impared
9-i perfer diasies to roses
10-i perfer tulips over daisies
11-i love to garden, but i cant keep my plants alive
12-i've been known to burn soup
13-i make the best pumpkin pie ever...and yes, i use a real pumpkin
14-i hate pumpkin pie
15-i am slightly claustrophobic
16-i am extreamly nosy
17-i love skinny white men
18-when i masturbate i need to be under my blanket
19-my favorite outfit is blue jeans, flip flops and a white button up shirt
20-i like to have sex in cars
21-i'm extreamly self concious
22-i dont dance...unless i am home alone and butt naked
23-i sing off key in the shower
24-i sing off key in the car
25-i sing off key almost anytime i sing
26-i hate driving
27-i love harleys and old muscle cars
28-i'm half black, but i like to let people think whatever they first assume
29-i love to take pictures
30-my freckles make me smile
31-i dont eat meat
32-i am a terrible mother in the mornings
33-the rest of the day i'm a wonderful mother
34-i am not afraid of heights...i AM afraid of falling
35-people who are overly friendly when we first meet make me nervous
36-my favorite time of day is midnight
37-my favorite movie is 'the princess bride'
38-my favorite color is white...second to that is purple
39-i am secretly in love with Mr's the white tee
40-i read romance novels at work
41-i am also secretly in love with my best friend...and she knows it
42-i miss highschool sometimes
43-though i always bitch about my hair, i would never change it
44-i live to please
45-i give a damn good blow job
46-the future scares me
47-sometimes i'm just a scardy cat
48-i refuse to give up the stuffed dog i've had my entire life
49-his name is Dexter and he sleeps with me when Sir isnt home
50-i cannot sleep alone
51-i want 4 more children...maybe 5
52-i am orally fixated
53-i like reggae music and sublime, and i only tolerate everything else
54-i am an internet junkie
55-my other addiction is sex
56-AdultFriendFinder is a godsend for me
57-i believe in karma
58-i'm loosely catholic...and by loosely i mean not at all
59-i hate shoes
60-i like to paint my toe nails myself...usually red
61-i smoked pot in highschool...and, yes...i inhaled
62-#61 got me in a lot of trouble...with #41-we partied hard
63-i am also in love with my best friend's brother
64-i sometimes use the word "love" too loosely
65-i am a beach bum
66-i can surf, though not well
67-i knit
68-tomato soup is my favorite comfort food
70-i used to be an assistant coach for little leauge soccer
71-i only like soccer because it reminds me of hockey
72-i cant play poker
73-actually i cant play many card games
74-i can beat almost anyone at checkers
75-i sometimes get motion sickness
76-i can be sarcastic
77-i procrastinate
78-i am lazy
79-new situations make me nervous
80-i would be bisexual, but i am pickier about women than men
81-i believe in fairies
82-my favorite disney movie is fantasia
83-i hate disneyland
84-last time i was there i got drunk and went through the haunted mansion 18 times
85-i have a terrible attendance record
86-i almost didnt graduate highschool because of #85
87-i hate math...and numbers
88-i need to loose 60 pounds
89-if i was to ever get plastic surgery i'd want a nose job
90-i have an overdeveloped sense of loyalty
91-my most embarassing moment was the time i fell down the stairs while 8 months pregnant
92-having a baby both removed any modesty i'd ever had and made me self concious about my stomache and scars (cessarian)...i dont know which outwieghs the other
93-i've had sex at a church...anal sex...with a married man
94-i am ashamed of the number of men i've slept with (it's up to about 11 now, which may not seem lik e a lot to you, but i dont know one of thier names, and that bothers me)
95-i'm afraid of my vaginia muscles not being tight anymore because of #94
96-i sleep naked
97-i dont know my own hart sometimes
98-though i am generally a sweet person, i can be a major bitch when provoked
99-my feelings get hurt easily
100-it suprises me that i could list 100 things about myself so easily

feel_my_heat 36F  
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2/5/2006 10:26 am

Wow this post was great.

35-people who are overly friendly when we first meet make me nervous

I hope I did not make you nervous cause I am very friendly with everyone at the Taj. Its my kinda place.

91-my most embarassing moment was the time i fell down the stairs while 8 months pregnant

My most embarassing moment in my life that I still shake my head at was when I was station in Fort Lee and I went to a club with all my friends (around 15 of us) They put my drunk ass on stage so I can dance cause they said I was a great dancer. Well when the club manager shined the light on me to announce my name to the croud of fellow partyers I feel off the stage right on the ground. LOL. Everyone was watching and they all started laughing. Talk about feeling like a ass. god I wish I could rewind time and erase that day.

36-my favorite time of day is midnight

Mine too.

kitz6 59F

2/5/2006 12:23 pm

Interesting. Anything else you'd like to tell us? Hmmmmmm?

sweethoneysouth 37F
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2/5/2006 3:01 pm

I just want to hug you. This post made me want to hug you more.


sharewus2 40M/32F

2/5/2006 4:01 pm

Lady Heat, nah...we had deveploped a sort of internet blogging relationship, so it was like we already knew eachother...Miss Kitz, only that i adore you

mrsanders2 48M

2/7/2006 8:04 am

Well Share...
One good turn deserves another...this may be more than anyone might want to know, but here goes (stop giggling girls, honestly, I would expect the three of you (Share, Feel, and SweetHoney) to act your age!)...
1-my middle initial is W
2-i hate my middle name
3-i'm a virgo (yeah, I know)
4-i hate cats (with the exception of Kitz!)
5-i like dogs
6-i love children--that is what made me want to be a teacher
7-i hate disrespectful children (and disrespectful parents)--that is what made me quit being a teacher
8-i love thunderstorms
9-i am a weather junkie
10-i am a political junkie
11-i like to give flowers, and i perfer using wildflowers or less common flowers
12-i love to garden, and i do my own landscaping
13-i love to cook, but i hate cleaning up afterward
14-i have to agree with share, i hate pumpkin pie
15-i have voyueristic tendancies
16-i have been diagnosed with chronic depression
17-the doc thinks i have had it since 12
18-it was never debilitating, but i am sure it has hindered my personal growth
19-i love real women with curves--the modern definition of beauty is hopelessly askew in my opinion
20-i worry that my libido is too high
21-i think that #20 might be a way to self medicate for #16
22-i masturbate too much
23-#22 is directly attributable to the fact that i do not get the amount of sex that i desire
24-i think that one of the most sexy things a woman can wear is a man's white oxford shirt and nothing else
25-i hate to have sex in cars (i am too tall and no longer as bendy as i was when i was much younger)
26-although i often come across as very self-assured (even cocky at times), i am terribly self concious
27-many people are put off at first by #26
28-my most successful relationships were with women who have said, "At first, I thought you were an asshole, but once I got to know you..."
29-i like to dance--real dancing, where the man leads
30-i like to sing
31-i have a reasonably good singing voice
32-i was in an award-winning showchoir for seven years
33-i took dance lessons as a kid (jazz), and again as an adult to learn some ballroom
34-i love driving
35-my favorite car is the 1965 Ford Mustang convertible
36-i absolutely love roller coasters
37-Cedar Point (in Sandusky, Ohio) is the only amusement park worth going to--it has the most roller coasters and has the highest and fastest again this year
38-i am somewhat shy
39-my favorite time of day is nighttime
40-my favorite color is deep royal blue...second to that is royal purple
41-my favorite movie is 'ferris bueller's day off'
42-i miss highschool sometimes
43-i hope i am a good father
44-i love to please a woman sexually--it is the whole point of sex for me (after all, how hard is it to get a guy off anyway?)
45-it is the challenge of #44 (and the ego-stroking that it provides me) that is the lure for me
46-i do not fear the future
47-i do not fear death
48-i love to take my time during sex
49-i love discovering a woman's body, her individual erogenous zones, her smell, her taste
50-i love to tease during sex--the payoff is often extraordinary
51-i always wanted 4 children
52-i love giving oral--i think even more than i like receiving it
53-i like classical music and jazz
54-i listen to top 40
55-or talk radio (i am a talk-radio junkie)
56-i certainly could be addicted to sex
57-i love being nude
58-i am certain that my religious beliefs would surprise you
59-probably my political beliefs as well
60-i often think women try too hard for men (makeup, hair, etc.--most men do not really notice)
61-i have never tried drugs
62-i was offered pot for the first time when I was 23, i declined
63-i was a major geek in highschool
64-between the age of 12 and 17, i heard the phrase, "but i only like you as a friend" (or some variation) more times than i would ever care to recount
65-my first girlfriend (Joan) was at 11, we held hands
66-my second girlfriend (Jenny) was at 12, we kissed on the cheek once
67-my first 'major' girlfriend (Kelly) was at 17 (senior in HS)--we went 'all the way'
68-i lost my virginity to a girl (Joanne) i met at a choir competition in DC, she was from Iowa City, Iowa
69-it was in the staircase in the hotel after the chaperones were asleep
70-it was after Kelly and I were 'going together'
71-i proposed to Kelly when we graduated HS, i was 17
72-i proposed because i was convinced that i would never find another woman (remember, i was rejected countless times during the 5 years previous)
73-i like playing card games
74-i play chess
75-i love trivial pursuit (and any other game which can show off my knowledge)
76-i can be sarcastic
77-i often procrastinate
78-i am not comfortable in groups or in social situations
79-i hide #78 well
80-i hope to run for office someday
81-i would love to be president
82-i think Disney is overpriced and overrated--who wants to pay that much to stand in lines?
83-i used to have a gambling problem
84-i lost $7 thousand one year
85-i don't gamble much anymore
86-i graduated in the top 10% of my class in HS
87-i was kicked out of my mom's house when i was 18
88-i deserved it
89-i would never admit that to my mom
90-i need to loose 40 pounds and would like to lose 60
91-my most embarassing moment was the time i was arrested
92-this is also one of my biggest secrets
93-the strangest place i have had sex (full intercourse through completion) was in a car while driving on an interstate highway in daylight at 65 mph in light traffic
94-i have had sex with only 13 women (you could add 3 if you count 1 for oral only and two others for 'heavy petting')
95-two of them i cannot recall their names--that bothers me
96-eleven of them were before 1998
97-i am looking forward to adding to those numbers
98-i do not like to have sex unless i have some kind of connection with the other for sex's sake is unsatisfying for me
99-i prefer to sleep naked
100-i agree with share, it suprises me that i could list 100 things about myself so easily

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