Comfort Zone...  

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6/18/2006 6:48 am

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Comfort Zone...

The car pull up at her house.

"Thanks I have had a lovely time".

"Me too. I need to use your bathroom".

"No problem, come in"

She opens the door, lets them in



He joins her in the kitchen, sits down

"Where's everyone today?"

"Work I suppose"

He makes a grab for her and pushes her across his knees. She giggles..

"Stop.. what are you doing?"

A sharp spank across each cheek.

"Just want to leave you with a reminder".

"Thank you, but l don't need one" she says as she rubs her arse.

"Stand your legs"

She protests..

"What if someone comes in?"

"Open your legs"

His hand up her skirt pushes her legs apart and he teases her clit. She wriggles, closes her legs, receives a sharp spank for this.

"Stand still, keep your legs open"

Again he teases her clit, his fingers running along her pussy, delving inside her.She pulls away. Her juices are running down her legs, and she knows that she is ready to pour over his fingers. Another spank.

"Lift your skirt and bend over"

"What if someone comes in".

He pushes her till she is bending, and spanks her arse, hard. A delicious sting, that causes her to cum.. She lifts her skirt, and remains bent over.

His fingers explore her dripping pussy, his fingers work their magic, she pushes onto him.
SLAP, SLAP, SLAP... he spanks her arse. Her pussy gushing with each spank.

Then he is inside her, his cock, buried deep into her, pounding into her, his hands gripping her hips as he pumps into her, fucking her hard. He explodes inside her, thrusting again and again. Her thighs and legs soaking with cum. As he withdraws from her, he spanks her one last time.

"Going to use the bathroom"

"No... not till l say you can, I want your pussy full of my cum".

She makes fresh coffee… her arse still smarting from the spanks, her pussy hot, soaking and throbbing, full of his cum.

"I can feel you, smell you..."

"Good. Don't shower till tonight. I must go.. let me see your arse".

She raises her skirt.. he examines his handy work, rubbing his hand gently across the raised skin.

"Nice.. Red arse. You can rub it over the weekend and think of me".

He smiles,kisses her goodbye.

She can still feel the stickiness between her legs, the cum drying on her thighs and legs, she can smell him from her.. But she chooses not to shower.

She rubs her arse, feeling the hotness and slight tingle.. she breathes deep,

There is comfort in the sting, comfort in his scent.

maletomakeuorgas 36M

6/27/2006 7:00 am

Shar, throw some ice on that ice of hers and who know where it could develop, hmmm nice to know your imaginative outside the bedroom!

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
3450 posts
6/26/2006 9:58 am

Sounds like the kind of evening that leaves a lasting impression

rm_iwannatellu 45F
933 posts
6/25/2006 12:20 pm

Hi Shar

This is my first visit to your blog. Boy am I missing out...

I really liked this... and your previous stories. Lovely writing.


rm_Petegr3 49M
351 posts
6/24/2006 2:30 am

No doubt about it, you most definatly have the gift. I must say I love your writing as you confirm the way I feel.


6/19/2006 2:54 pm

quite the little sub shar....I like I like

IrishKev 40M
1523 posts
6/18/2006 8:55 am

ohhhh I like

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