Recovering from the Holiday  

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11/26/2005 11:55 pm

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Recovering from the Holiday

I sit here, late in the evening, after scaring the shit out of myself watching the remake of The Amityville Horror, while I am alone! Can you say dumbass? I knew you could! As the original wasn't that scary, I figured, what the hell? Well, let me tell you, this one was freaky (I guess since the technological advances in the industry allow for more blood, gore, and psychological flashbacks). The up side to the film was seeing Ryan Reynolds shirtless (grins...thank God for him in that, and in Blade Trinity!)

I am somewhat mellow, recovering from turkey day. It was initially a lovely day, with 12 of us in attendance for dinner, as opposed to the 30 that I had over last year. After dessert, my sister-in-law (who was supposed to be in Rosarita) surprised us and brought my niece and nephew (newly adopted from Russia). It was a grand surprise!

Just as I was serving up dessert, we received word that my husband's uncle (who was supposed to sup with us, but made alternate plans) passed away shortly after enjoying his Thanksgiving meal. Needless to say, it has been somewhat chaotic here.

I am struggling with several things: 1) I wish that he had been here, as my nephew is a paramedic, and maybe he would have been able to change the end result. 2) On the flip side, I am thankful that he wasn't here and didn't die in my home, in front of my children, and 3) I am troubled with the way the family is handling things.

Uncle claimed that he didn't want a service of any kind, he just wanted his useable organs donated and wanted to be cremated. His wife made those wishes known. My mother-in-law, however, has decided that there is no way in hell that she will allow his passage from the corporeal to be ignored, so she has planned an elaborate funeral. At what point do we follow someone's dying wishes? My MIL claims that it doesn't matter what his wishes were, the services are for the living to cope with the passage of a loved one. A valid point, to be sure, but at what point do we just totally ignore the deceased's wishes?

To this end, I have made my wishes known, and can only hope that they will be followed under penalty of a haunting: 1) No matter what, I want a pedicure. It is a fetish, to be sure, but I want my tootsies to look fabulous when I approach the pearly gates (or the hot, hellish gates, whichever one I end up at). 2) I have no overwhelming wish to be viewed, but recognize that some people need this closure. Therefore, I request that if a viewing should occur, I be made up properly, and then graced with Groucho Marx glasses. I mean, who can view a corpse with those damned things on and NOT laugh? 3) I am contemplating purchasing the coffin that I found when I was helping my g/f bury her husband. It was stamped all over, as a passport used to be stamped, with a huge one on the top marked "Return to Sender". Doesn't that just get you laughing?

Anyway, it is windy as hell here (I hate the wind) and I am killing time until I get tired enough to go to bed. I hope that everyone else had a wonderful holiday!

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