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Over here now!

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Well hello there thanks for stopping by

Now you ask why are you here what happened to PNS?

Well I decided to move here because it seemed more appropriate. We are not looking to “swing” and she is not into the blog thing. People still contact us because as a couples account because a woman might walk within 15 feet of the computer. I do not need to “coattail” as a couple, being a guy is not a high crime. The blog has always been me. This is like having my own office! Hahaha! I do understand that many feel a couple is “safer” to contact and such, but not looking to “score” who cares?

I enjoy blogging and the exchanges with people here, and want to keep it. I know my blog is not popular, it is more like a “Bruce Campbell movie” a few like it, but mainstream is not into it. So being a guy is not a handicap, oh one could be popular if they made half a million fake accounts and commented, but really, no reality in that!

Why ShamanDirewolf? Why name myself after two extinct beings? Well Shamans still practice, defined as “s/he who knows” and Direwolf is a reminder that extinction is always a possibility. As it becomes “I know extinction” seems silly, unless you know me, then it would make sense that I choose a handle that translates to “I know extinction.”

When we were hunter-gatherers hey were the first healers, religious leaders, meteorologists, behavioral scientist, artist, and chemists. Today it seems silly to dance around a fire thinking you will cure the flu, or paint buffalo on a cave thinking you now can hunt it better. The shaman (or shay-min) was often a woman as fertility and reproduction are obviously seen as female entities. Plural is shamans not shamen because the basis is not “man.” It is taken for northern Asia. *

Dire wolf
Well yeah they are no more, last ice age finished them. They looked similar to modern Grey Wolves but had more massive and powerful jaws. What did them in is their legs are shorter by about 2 inches, than modern wolves. Modern wolves can lope at a reasonable speed very efficiently, Dire wolves could not, and two inches makes that much difference. When you are efficient and fast you have better chance to survive. Biggest difference is Direwolf had 20% smaller brain, smarter you are the better you adapt and better you survive.

I just like the name dire wolf, like Dire Straights, it fits, as does the 20% less brainpower hahahaha! So I like to bring old school and new school together to create the best school I can. So I combine the old wise ones, and a wolf lacking 20% to remind me that the difference between success and failure is very slight! 20% is actually a major difference in the universal scheme of things.

Thanks for stopping by, I am considering posting a real pic of my self, but really do not want to be recognized. But again regulars would know who they are dealing with..humm.. Decisions decisions..

Thanks again and have a great day!

*PS some shamans dress as men and as women, in my case I am a shaman, and intend to stay that way! I can be understanding of women and the universe with out cross-dressing!

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