shamal10 44M
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3/20/2006 8:14 pm

I awake out of my sleep to the sound of my doorbell.I look over at the clock it's 3:00am,who the hell could this be i'm thinking as i roll out of bed with wood that could break a rock.I look thru the peep hole and it's you.Instantly i think something is wrong as i'm opening the door.You got on a trench coat but it's summer and you don't answer when i ask are you alright.You walk in grab me by the back of my head and kiss me really deep and passionate.I can't breath and my penis feels like it's about to pop.You break the kiss step back and drop your coat"damn"is all i can manage to say,your beautiful,more then the last time i saw you. You seem to be glowing.You grab my painfully erect penis and guide me into the bedroom.When were close enough to the bed you push me backwards and remove my boxers and take me deep into your mouth,i feel like i'm going crazy and just when i thought i was about to expload you stop crawled on top and push me deeeeep inside you.You were so wet and warm i knew i couldn't take to much more of this.You still haven't said a word just moans.I'm about to bust and your taking me deeper and deeper faster and faster,time stopped,the world didn't exsist anymore just you and me.You came hard then i came like the strongest waterfall on the planet.As we lay there panting fighting for air you spoke your first words,can i borrow a cup of sugar?

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