Part 7 of Good for the Gander!  

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10/5/2005 1:56 pm

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Part 7 of Good for the Gander!

Less sex in this installment - as we have a flashback...

Part 7

After J left, I changed the sheets on the bed, starting a load of white clothes in the washer. I then sprayed the bedroom with Febreze to cover the lingering aroma of our lovemaking and the spicy scent of her skin.

As I lay back down to catch some more sleep before my wife returned from work, I thought about how J had originally offered to hook up with me.

J and I met when I started working in the call center. She was a five-year veteran of working there, and so I occasionally turned to her to get advice on how to handle specific callers. Over the months I worked there, a friendship blossomed.

She was in her last year of college ‒ working on a double major in economics and political science. I surprised her one day by helping her figure out some of her economics homework. When she asked how I knew how to do the work, I just shrugged and told her that I hadn’t always worked in a dead-end job like the one we currently were in.

One day, after my wife found out about the affair I had, I was sitting in the breakroom at work during one of my overnight shifts. I was fighting back tears as I wrestled with my guilt. It was almost three in the morning, and only a skeleton crew was on-shift.

I heard a step behind me, and J asked, in her soft voice, “What’s wrong, L?”

I tried to wipe away the tears from my eyes, and looked away from her. She walked around me until she was in front of me again. “L, I know there’s something wrong ‒ you’ve been like a robot for the last two days.”

Haltingly, I told her the sordid tale of my affair ‒ how I had went onto an adult personals website and started talking with a woman a couple hours’ drive away. I told her of my drive up to the woman’s place, and how my wife found out about the affair. I told her how close I had come to being divorced at that time.

J sat down beside me and wordlessly hugged me as I ended my tale. Even in my remorse, I was aware of the contours of her body against me, and I struggled to restrain my response to her nearness. Finally, she pulled back from me and looked me in the eyes. “You going to be okay?” she asked.

Slowly I nodded. She reached into her hip pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. Looking around, she spotted a pen on one of the other breakroom tables, and she walked over and picked it up. She bent over and wrote on the card. I tore my eyes away from her, when I realized I was admiring the way her shapely ass filled out her jeans. New remorse threatened to overwhelm me.

She walked back to me, unaware of the battle I was fighting against myself. She bent forward to set the paper in my hand. As she leaned forward, I could see down the neck of her tan blouse, glimpsing a tantalizing, and further remorse-inducing, glimpse of her dusky, braless breasts.

Unaware, of the effect she was having on me, she gave me the slip of paper. “Call me if you need someone to talk to, L.” She turned to walk away and then stopped, giggling suddenly.

“You know, it’s a shame you had to go so far away to get laid. I would’ve jumped at the chance to get you…”

Thinking about the offer got me hot again, so I rolled over onto my belly and tried to go to sleep.

When I awakened, I heard the heavy tread of my wife in the hallway. I quickly rolled over onto my back and continued to feign sleep.

She opened the door to the bedroom. I could tell since there were no footsteps afterwards, that she had stopped in the doorway. In response, I gave another of my soft snores.

I heard her chuckle, and then felt her weight on the bed. She said, “L?” I didn’t respond.

I then felt the quilt I was laying under lifted off of my torso, and felt a warm hand wrap itself around my soft cock. I continued to feign sleep as she slowly started jacking me, moving her hand up and down. I guess she had decided she would try to get some make-up sex to apologize for being a bitch in the morning.

I had to restrain a gasp as she bent and engulfed my hardening cock in her mouth. Suddenly, I knew how to make this fit in with my plans.

As she sucked on me, I acted like I was slowly waking up.

“That feels good,” I muzzily encouraged her, as she bobbed her head up and down on my now-hard penis.

I felt, rather than heard, her chuckle in reply, as she focused her attention on using hands and mouth to minister to me. I could feel her actions having an effect, but I restrained my overt responses to her.

I didn’t tell her as her frantic motions took me towards the brink, and she paid little attention to the pre-cum that began to issue from my slit, diluted by the copious saliva she was laving on me. Thus, she was completely surprised when my cock jerked and the first shot of cum erupted into her throat.

She gagged and pulled away from me. A second geyser of semen spattered her on the face as she pulled back, and the final spurt fell short.

Her eyes blazed with anger, as she spat my seed mixed with her saliva onto the bed. She hated the taste of cum, and even moreso, hated feeling it on her skin. A trickle of semen ran from her mouth to her double chins, and a splash of it was on the side of her face from cheekbone to lower jaw.

“You fucking prick!” she snarled. She hastily got off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. She slammed the door behind her.

I laughed to myself as I sat up and then swung my legs off of the bed, avoiding the wet spot where she had spat onto the bed. I only had a little time.

I quickly wiped myself off with a towel that lay on the floor, and grabbed my clothing from where it lay discarded on the floor. As I dressed, I exclaimed, “Shit! I’ve got to go ‒ work wants me to come in early tonight ‒ so I’ve got to be at work in fifteen minutes.”

From the bathroom, she shouted, “Fine! Get the hell out!”

I quickly pulled on my remaining clothes. She had taken the lie for the truth, and she wouldn’t see me leave.

I’d bet even money that she was going to call her mystery lover soon after I left ‒ especially if she remembered the good fucking he gave her last night.

And when he arrived, I was going to be ready for them.

I was going to catch them in the act and then we’d see…

To Be Continued...

As always, comments and critiques welcomed - how else can I improve or know how well I'm doing?

__Huntress__ 55M/58F

10/8/2005 2:07 pm

Uuuuuugggggghhhhhh .... you're making me nuts ! Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate ... I must be patient, I must be patient, I must be patient ... !

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