Part 3 of Good for the Gander...  

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8/3/2005 3:10 am

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Part 3 of Good for the Gander...

I slowly drove back to the office, trying to get a grip. My heart was racing, and my head was spinning. It felt like a flock of ravens were beating their wings all around my head, scattering my thoughts to the four winds.

My wife...

I couldn't shake the sound of her getting fucked, of her inchoate cries of pleasure, of the throaty roar as she came...

My hands clenched upon the steering wheel reflexively.

The grunts of her unseen lover as he thrust into her cunt...

"Fuck me with that monster cock!"

My hard-on was thobbing now, aching with a need for release.

I was furious - how could she betray me like that? But, at the same time, I felt a thrill - it was such an unexpected turn-on to be an observer of her climax. The conflicting emotions were battling for supremacy in my mind, as adrenaline released in response to anger and lust surged throughout my body.

I was consumed the urge to do ... something.

I pulled into the parking lot and slammed on the brakes as soon as I was in a parking spot. When the car came to a full stop, I shifted to Park and threw the door open as wide as it could go, almost scraping the door against the blue truck in the next space.

I strode forcefully towards the office entrance, pausing only momentarily to run my badge through the scanner that unlocked the employee entrance. I grabbed the glass entrance door and opened it, my face a barely-suppressed mask of rage. One of my co-workers was walking out of the break-room as I stormed past her, and she reflexively took a step backwards.

Without a word, I kept walking. A few steps later, I turned and walked into the men's restroom. It was empty.

Without thinking, I caressed the bulge in my pants, as I seethed. How dare that bitch!

Within moments, however, I found my anger ebbing, as I continued to recall the sounds of my wife's liaison. I could feel the beating of my heart in my cock as it tented the fabric of my jeans, and I continued to fondle it through the denim.

Almost in a trance, I slowly walked over towards the urinal, where I unzipped my jeans and then released my penis from my boxers. Glistening pre-cum had oozed out of the slit, and my cock was scarlet with the blood that engorged it.

My left hand wrapped around my cock, and I began slowly pumping to the remembered rhythm of my wife's fucking. The stimulation, in conjunction with the memory of what I had overheard were overwhelming, and I almost immediately was at the brink.

I gasped as I came forcefully, shooting streams of semen into the urinal. With some more strokes, I made sure that I was done ejaculating. Then I quickly flushed the evidence of my jacking off and cleaned myself off at the nearby sink.

As I washed, I realized I wasn't going to confront my wife about her lover.

Instead, I wanted to set a trap...

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

8/3/2005 2:34 pm

Ugghhhhh ... you're killing me here ... you slow, savage beast !

JaniSux 44F

9/24/2005 1:05 pm

only you could make jerking off into a urinal like such a hot event... Mmm mmmm mm.. Damn!

I am blushing as I skip off happily to part 4...

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