At last, the continuation...  

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At last, the continuation...

Part 5

I pretended that I was asleep when she came back into the bedroom. She shoved my shoulder, “You jerk.”

In response, I gave a soft snore. Not one of the ones that implies you are faking by its ostentatious nature, but a buzzing sound that is very similar to the relaxed sound of air passing through a narrow, slightly congested nose. It was sound that I often made unwittingly while not physically active, and it had caused many people, my wife included, to think I was asleep when I, in fact, was not.

She gave my shoulder a half-hearted shove and then paused. I heard a sharp intake of breath. I guess she looked at the clock and noticed that it was time to get ready for her work. I carefully avoided smirking in cruel pleasure.

“You owe me, you bastard,” she grated, and started getting dressed.

I maintained my masquerade of slumber until my body relaxed, making the pretense unnecessary.

A few hours later, I awakened. It was nearly midday, and I felt fantastic. I stretched languidly, and sat up in the bed, pulling the covers off of my body.

The bedroom was still cool, as the summer sun’s rays had not yet begun to shine into the room’s westward-facing window. Stirred by an air conditioner and a free-standing oscillating fan, the air felt like a breathy morning spring breeze upon my bare skin.

I smiled ‒ it felt great to be alive.

That was when I remembered coming home the night before during my lunch break and overhearing my wife’s tryst with her lover. My joy died stillborn. That bitch…

I picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory. If she was going to cheat on me, then all bets were off.

On the third ring, a woman answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, J. This is L.”

I could almost imagine her startled blink of surprise. J was a woman I worked with ‒ one who had made it plain to me that if I wanted company for some extracurricular fucking, I could look her up. “How are you doing?”

I grinned broadly. “Do you remember that offer you made?”

Her voice grew huskier. “Uh-huh.”

“Is it still open?”

She laughed nervously. “Sure. When do you want to meet?”

That was one thing I always liked about J. She was direct. “As soon as you can come over.” I chuckled. “You remember where my place is?”

She dropped me off one night after work, when I still was on the day shift. I could almost hear her nodding, as she said, “Yeah.”

“Great ‒ don’t waste too much time coming over ‒ you’ll have lots of time for cumming after you get here.” I chuckled at my wickedly horrible pun, and I heard her echo my merriment on the other end of the line. “I’ll be waiting for you, and the door will be unlocked.”

She laughed and hung up. I listened to the sound of the dial tone for a moment, and then quickly dialed my supervisor’s phone at work.

The phone was answered by one of the day-shift leads on the second ring. “Good afternoon, can I help you?”

“This is L. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be able to come in to work tonight. I want to use a PTO day.” I made my voice rasp a little as I was speaking.

“Okay. I’ll make sure it gets entered,” he said.

I hung up and smiled. The stage was getting set for the next phase of my plan… Looking down, I saw that one portion of my anatomy had definitely risen in anticipation of what I planned for my wife.

She was right ‒ I owed her. And tonight, the debt was going to be paid in full…

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

8/24/2005 9:01 pm

Naughty, naughty boy ! I can't wait to read how this ends ! The build-up ... the anticipation ... are you like this in real life ?

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