A new short story...  

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A new short story...

While I work on the next installment of Good for the Gander..., I thought I'd give you a little something to tide you over. The usual requests apply - feedback and commentary always appreciated and encouraged!

Content: Oral, Boss/Employee, Light Bondage, Mild d/s

This story is dedicated to two special women, who inspired me to think about the taboo subject of sex in the workplace... You two sexy writers know who you are - thank you for the delicious inspiration!

The Performance Review

I looked at the clock. One hour before quitting time on the Friday before Labor Day. It was time for me to do something I had been putting off all week ‒ my new secretary’s 90-day performance review. There had always seemed to be something more important than getting the review done, but our accountant and HR specialist would get pissed if I didn’t have the review completed and all change-of-salary information in to her before the next paycheck gets processed on Tuesday.

I reached over to my phone and pressed the button that linked me directly with my secretary. “M, come on back to my office. Before you do, go ahead and mark us both as in a meeting for the rest of the day.”

Nervously, she asked, “My review, sir?”

I nodded (even though she couldn’t see me right now). “Yes.” I tried to make my voice sound reassuring. “We have a lot to discuss about your performance, M.”

There was a barely-audible gulp from the other end of the line. M replied, “I’ll be right there, Mr. W.” With a click, she disconnected.

My thoughts turned to M as I waited for her to come back to my office from our reception area. She was a curvaceous brunette who knew how to use her clothing to accentuate her figure. Unlike some larger women, she knew how to use clothes to make her look more slender, and to accent her ample curvature without over-emphasizing it. She was always smartly dressed in a professional button-down shirt or sweater and slacks.

Unfortunately, she was merely a competent secretary. M didn’t do anything badly, but she still needed to be directed on tasks, instead of being more of a self-starter. Unfortunately, I had been unable to hand off tasks to her for her management. She’d be able to do the processing work, but she had not developed yet the ability to manage all of her work-flow and deadlines ‒ which meant I needed to spend more time providing her with guidance, instead of being able to take a fire-and-forget approach to giving her assignments.

This left me with an awful dilemma. M was a good worker, and she brought a lot of reception and processing skills to my department. However, she had been able to step up to the plate and become the assistant I needed ‒ someone who would be capable of running the department while I was out of the office. I needed to make a decision about what to do with her, and soon.

I couldn’t hire someone else to be my assistant and keep her as my secretary. There was no way that my boss would permit it. I didn’t want to have to let her go. But she had not demonstrated the skills that were absolutely necessary for my assistant.

My deliberations were interrupted by a soft knock on my office door. “Come in,” I called.

M walked into my office and closed the solid oak door behind her. She was classily dressed in an ivory button-down collared shirt and a pair of tapered black slacks. Her feet were slightly tipped forward in what looked to be one-inch black high heels. She walked to my desk and sat down in one of the chairs that faced me from the other side.

I noted the delicious sway of her hips as she walked and tried to banish any thought of her as a woman. She was my secretary and I was giving M her performance review… Looking upwards, she seemed to have a faint smile on her lips.

I cleared my throat. “M, I called you in here so we could go over how things have went here since you started off with us.”

She nodded her agreement. “I know, Mr. W. I started work at the beginning of June, and I knew you would be going over stuff with me.”

“Right.” I opened up a file on my computer ‒ it was the review document I had started to fill out for her. I looked from the computer screen to her ‒ the angle was wrong for her to see the screen from where she sat. “Why don’t you come over here so you can see the document as I go over it with you,” I suggested kindly.

“Yes, sir.”

M stood up, and walked around my desk. As she walked, I noticed the sway of her hips again, and I felt a response in my groin. I had been single for a year now.

I tore my gaze away from her hips and back to the computer screen as she drew close to my chair. I tried to make my movement look natural, but I was certain that I failed.

“We break down our reviews into a number of different areas ‒ Core Competencies, Teamwork, Initiative, Professionalism and Skill Development.”

I looked over my shoulder at her. M’s attention was on the computer screen and the Word document I had open. Her lips were slightly parted, and the tip of her tongue lay in the left corner of her mouth. She was unaware of my glance at her, and I turned my attention back to the computer screen and her review.

“In the first area, that of Core Competencies, I must say, M, that you are a superb data entry operator, word processor and gatekeeper for me. You consistently exceed the budget IPH for projects, and I can be certain that you will complete tasks handed off to you in a timely manner. You are skilled at typing business correspondence, and have made letters from this department look better than they have in my eight years with the company. You have demonstrated the discretion to know which calls in to me are urgent and which ones can be routed to other people or to voicemail when I am unavailable.”

I heard a soft sigh of relief from her. I pressed onwards. “Teamwork-wise, I find you to be a hard-worker, willing to put in the extra time needed to complete tasks within the project timeline. On the downside, you have had some conflicts with one of the staff assigned to assist you on one of your projects ‒ and were unable to resolve it without the situation escalating to Human Resources.”

She wrung her hands and protested, “That jerk had no right to do what he did!”

I looked back at her and turned slightly in my chair. I reached across my body and took one of her hands in mine. “I know that,” I said softly, “But you realize that the situation could have been defused without involving HR by proactively discouraging his behavior.”

One of the part-time staff got into the habit of flirting with M whenever he came into the office. She welcomed his attention and flirted back with him, until he was assigned to work with her on a project. Then he tried to get M to do more than flirt with him. And she went to HR, saying he was harassing her. The guy was canned after a quick investigation, but the HR manager confided to me that she felt M had been acting inappropriately by encouraging the flirtation previously. I was glad the jerk was gone though ‒ I remembered wanting to beat the crap out of him in a very un-manager-like manner when I heard he had propositioned M.

M’s hand was much smaller than mine, and it felt nice within my grasp. Almost regretfully, I let go of her hand and turned back to the screen.

“Initiative is your weakest area, M, I’m sorry to say. When you are done with a task, you don’t seek out other things to do. You wait for someone to tell you what to do.” I tried to soften the rebuke implicit in my voice. “I know you are new here, but you have learned how to do a lot of different types of work in the department over the last three months. Because you know the work, you have some good ideas on what needs to be done.”

I felt her leaning forward, against the back of the chair to look closer at the screen. In a soft voice, she murmured, “I’m sorry.”

I turned around and found myself on an eye level with her breasts. Momentarily flustered, I couldn’t help but stare at them ‒ two large orbs that pushed forward from her body. I flushed and looked up at her. There were tears in her eyes.

“M, what’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “You’re going to fire me, aren’t you?”

I sighed. She was cutting the chase, and I hadn’t figured out a solution yet…

She heard my sigh and took my hands pleadingly. “I need this job,” she said.

“M, I need more than a secretary. I need an assistant.” I tried to ignore the warmth of her hands and the spicy smell of her perfume, even as my body started responding to her closeness.

A glistening tear emerged from her left eye. It started to trickle its way down her face. Unthinking, I reached up and caught the tear. I felt my resolve to go forward wavering.

She sniffed, and her lip trembled as she fought her tears of disappointment.

Instinctively, I offered a hug. She stepped within the circle of my arms and rested her head upon my shoulder. I held her close, enjoying the contact with a woman for the first time in so long. She cried for a few minutes, and then started to pull away from me.

Before she could pull completely back from me, I stood, with my arms still around her. “Wait, M.”

Surprised, she paused. I bent down and kissed her.

Her lips were moist and tasted like strawberries. After a moment’s hesitation, her lips parted. Our tongues danced as I held her body close to me.

Finally, thought caught up to instinct, and I realized what I was doing. I just kissed my secretary! Soon, I would be envying that jerk who had propositioned M…

She giggled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’ve wanted to do that ever since you interviewed me,” she said. And then she leaned forward and kissed me again, her lips hungry, her tongue questing urgently.

I pulled back from her and protested, “This isn’t right.” I could feel the swelling of my cock as it hardened, my body not giving a damn about sexual harassment laws.

“Shhhh,” she cautioned. M loosened my tie, and opened the top button of my white shirt. Then she pulled down my collar, exposing the skin of my neck, where she kissed me.

Things were rapidly spiraling out of my control. I gasped at the sensation of her lips against my skin, of her tongue flicking along the pulse point on my neck.

She chuckled and pushed me back into my seat. She reached down with her shapely hands and, with a quick motion, undid my belt. She then moved to the clasp holding my slacks closed, while I sat in stunned disbelief. M opened my slacks and then opened the zipper to reveal the white briefs I wore beneath. She chuckled again. “Tighty whities.”

She knelt in front of me and placed her head in my lap. Her lips brushed the now-full bulge of my erection, and she smiled when it jerked in response. She pulled down my briefs and engulfed my hardened member in her mouth as soon as it was revealed.

I moaned in surprise as her lips fastened loosely around my head. Her tongue circled quickly around the head and then flicked to my slit, clearing away the moisture that had begun to leak out. With her right hand, she cupped my balls, while she pulled her long brown hair to the side and out of her face. She then took her left hand and started sliding along my cock, between its base and her sucking mouth.

She began to take more of me into her mouth, her tongue never stopping its flicking movements along my sensitive skin. She pulled back, and then moved forward again and again, taking more of my length into her mouth and then throat, until M’s nose was making contact with my pubic hair with each lunge.

This was out of my control. I said, “Stop,” but she kept right on deep-throating me. Finally, I couldn’t take any more and I tangled one large hand in her hear and pulled her back down the length of my cock.

As her lips came free of my cock with an audible smack, M moaned her disapproval. I looked her in the eyes and was struck by how sexy she was. Fuck the law ‒ I wanted her.

Gruffly, I asked, “You want me, don’t you?” Wordlessly, she nodded. I smiled. “It can only happen if you follow my rules.”

She placed her head in her heads and sobbed in relief. I allowed her to cry for a few moments and then spoke again. “Bend forward over my desk.” As she complied with my order, I undid my tie and pulled it off and then stood behind her.

“Put your hands behind your back,” I ordered.

Meekly, she answered, “Yes, sir.”

As she put her hands behind her back, I brought them together, and then used my tie to bind them together enough so that they couldn’t be used and were pinned behind her. She gave a little squeak of surprise at that.

Before she could do anything more, I grabbed the waistband of her slacks and pulled them down, along with the black lace panties she wore beneath. Her pale ass was exposed to the air, her body presenting both her asshole and pussy to me. My still-hard cock gave a renewed twitch of interest.

With one quick thrust, I entered her cunt, finding it already well-lubricated from her response to the blowjob she had been giving me. She pressed forward into the hardwood of the desk as my momentum transferred into her. Then I pulled back, almost all the way out of her. She started to push backwards at me as I drove in for another thrust.

As we began to establish a rhythm, I took my right hand and went underneath her, reaching until I could stroke against her distended labia. I found her engorged lips and her erect clit, and began rubbing it in time to my strokes. She gave a gasp and then pressed her head downwards into the desk in an attempt to muffle her moans of mounting pleasure.

As I thrust into her, I was surprised to feel a tug from my shirt, the tails of which had parted and were hanging to either side of me. Her bound hands were trying to undo one of my shirt buttons! I unbuttoned my shirt, laughing. Then I allowed her to reach back and touch my skin as I continued to thrust into her.

My thrusts were becoming more forceful now, and my breathing was erratic. I was losing myself in the almost forgotten sensations of total control and pleasure. I could hear her barely muffled moans turning into cries of ecstasy, as she drew closer to her orgasm.

I drove in again, and heard her cry, “Fuck, I’m cumm-“ The rest of her sentence was lost in a incoherent sound of animalistic release. As I pulled back again, I could feel her cunt convulsing in orgasm, and I felt my orgasm surge over me.

Afterwards, she cleaned me off with her mouth, and she smiled wanly at me. “I suppose I need to find a new job?”

I shook my head. “If you’re willing to, I’d love for you to ‘assist’ me.”

She gave a small, mysterious smile. “Yes, sir.”

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9/22/2005 3:40 pm

Holy moly!!
This was a very exciting read... my blood is pounding. Well... the fact that i fantasize about boss/secretary scenes doesn't help (both with me as the secretary, and me as the boss).

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9/27/2005 5:25 pm

God ... you can write ... I think this may leave me "moist" for days ... and days ... and days ... !

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