A few words about obsession...  

shaken_storm 46M
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7/4/2005 2:02 am

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A few words about obsession...


I met her on a New Year’s Eve,
I was at a party to celebrate
the season.
She had tawny amber eyes
that smoldered in my gaze.
I went to her.

Her touch was like a spark
struck into dried kindling.
My mind was gone.
An inferno of desire for her,
like a nuclear firestorm,
engulfed me.

A modern Venus,
a demon of lust,
I’m mesmerized
by a succubus.

That night lasted forever.
I followed her to her home,
to her bed.
I learned from her that night
far, far more than I had dreamed of
in any fantasy.

There were times she wanted tender,
and at other times, she wanted rough.
I couldn’t deny her.
But as the night went on and on,
I became more and more drained,
exhaustion my lot.

Insatiable woman,
Never has enough.
I’m the thrall
of the succubus.

Some time the next morning,
I was awakened by her touch.
“Leave me.”
I left her in a daze,
not sure what happened last night
was real.

I came back to her home,
about a month later, to see her.
She was gone.
I walk the streets at night,
and I think about her.
I can’t let go.

Enshrined in memory,
never forgotten,
my one-night stand,
my demoness lover,
never to be mine,
the succubus.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

8/2/2005 1:55 am

Shaken storm ... that was fabulous! Desire, lust, ecstasy, pain, loss, obsession ... you ran the gamut ... and still ... she haunts you !

Fabulous !

JaniSux 44F

9/16/2005 5:46 pm

Well I've got no fancy wording or prose to explain my feelings for your story, except to say that I really loved it.


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