Writer's Oblivion  

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6/14/2006 12:01 pm
Writer's Oblivion

I just typed a decent sized post and suddenly somehow someway my webrowser decided to go back a page. This has happened before; not to worry, I hit 'Forward', to get back to this spot, and I continue...But...for the first time, all the wonderful words that I had here, were not...here. Blank; Nothing; Nada; Zilch; AHHHHHH!!!!

So I'm frustrated. I wish to re-type everything, but in the same breath I don't. I just don't have the time, and none of it will look quite right. I'm having the same problem with writing my story about John Doe.

When I spew forth my words none of it looks right. The words aren't in the correct order. They aren't what I really want to say. It's very frustrating. I feel like a perfectionist when it comes to telling a story, but I'm so far from being perfect I can't imagine anyone liking my stories or anything I write.

But at least one person likes my writing, and that's enough for me.

So I'll persevere, push on, make sense of what I'm imagining, and hopefully I'l have the next installment soon. Thanks for reading.

In the mean time:


Most boys and girls believe just after dark is the best time to play hide and seek, parents would disagree. I disagree for a different reason. My friends and I play tag. And I'm a firm believer on starting just before dark.

Any game with a bunch of friends running around is great, but the time when day becomes night is almost magical.

Closer and closer the darkness comes as your eyes climate to the moonlight that's left. The day turning to night. The sounds we recognize slowly go away to be replaced by silence and the subtle sounds of quiet darkness. The shadow of my darkness peaks out and says *It's time to play*

*Snap* a twig nearby disrupts my thoughts and sends me flying as the enemy (once a friend a few short minutes ago) is closer to my position. Running ever faster into a neighbor's backyard and vaulting over fences just in case I was spotted.

Sounds of laughter in the far distance indicate my safety for a few moments.

Around me in the moonlight my shadow is giving me ideas about traps, most I have to disregard as they are my friends and letting they're legs get broken and other deadlier thoughts would leave them out for the next game. Well, maybe for Fred, I don't mind if Fred breaks something.

As I'm gathering the trap together I realize I'm in a backyard of a girl that didn't make it to the game. Hmm...time to look into windows, maybe I can get her to sneak out.

Finding her bedroom window didn't take long since it opens to the driveway. It's very dark in the driveway, darker than even the backyard. I peak in and almost dart away when I see her and her Father. The window is open, but as long as I don't make much sound I should be ok. They can't see me, and I'm willing to wait until she's alone to get her to sneak out.

As I'm playing peeping-tom I realize what I'm watching. Her Father is kissing her. Kissing her neck and slowly running his fingers up her back, under her shirt. She reluctantly lifts her arms and he takes off her shirt. She's not wearing a bra, so her beautiful breasts are exposed and her nipples are very hard. He kisses down her front and licks around her left breast and pinches her right nipple.

As turned-on as I'm getting from seeing her topless getting touched by a pro; I look up into her face and see her wiping away a tear. I suddenly realize once again that it's her father.

My shadow complains about my unjustified honor and willingness to help people that won't help themselves. I tell my darkness to shove it. Either help me or shut up. It says, *fine, but at least we can have a bit o' fun, while we are at it.*

I leave the darkened driveway and walk into the street. By the time I get there, the shadow of my darkness has taken over. Some of my friends back then said there was a glow to my look at times. Someting bad always happened shortly after, usually to someone else.

So when Lucy came running toward me with maniacal laughter thinking that she caught me and she could play the other side of the game. As she ran toward me all I did was look up at her. Stumbling to a halt about two feet from me she holds a fearful expression on her face and looks skittish enough to run if I say 'boo'.

What I do say on the other hand is,'Go to Andrea's house. Ring the doorbell, her father will answer. Ask if Andrea can come out and play. He will say no. Keep him there. Ask whether she's going on the field trip. Ask again if she can't come out and play. At some point he will just simply say goodbye and close the door, go home after that. Go'

Knowing Lucy will do what I say, when she doesn't listen to anyone else in the world is a feeling I didn't have time to relish. I had to get the makings for my shadow's trap.

Running. My shadow hates running. It's not careful. It's not calculating. It draws attention. But time was of the essence. I get home and almost back in pretty short order. Lucy is already walking down the street on her way home. Whether she realizes it or not, she's drop dead gorgeous. She wears tight-fitting tank tops that are way too low cut. The amount of cleavage she shows makes almost every guy in the neighborhood wak-off at night. Everything from her hair to her painted toes are almost model quality. Walking under the lamp light really put it into perspective. I wasn't thinking about it when I told her to go to Andrea's house. The thought made me surprised that Lucy wasn't still talking to Andrea's Father at the door. She's certainly distracting enough. So instead of letting her go home as instructed, I stop her and ask her what happened. Lucy said, "Her father came to the door zipping up his pants. I asked the questions you told me to, but he barely answered no. He smelled like expensive liquer and he couldn't stop staring at my boobs. You wanted me to keep him there so I stretched a little and showed more off. I think my boob almost popped out. It was creepy though, he asked me inside. You said go home though so I said no I can't so that's when he said goodbye and closed the door."

"Go home Lucy, wash the creepiness off in the shower. Don't tell anyone you saw me."

Lucy starts to turn away and says,"Bad things happen, when you are like this. Mostly to the right people. If it's to that guy then good luck."

Back to the driveway I go. This time I'm wearing all black and have my other sneakers on, the black ones that are soft soled. Good for sneaking, but not the greatest for running.

Slowly I creep down past the car to get to Andrea's window. Her light is on a lower setting soft music is playing, but her Father is back and his shirt is off as is Andrea's still. He grasps her tit's and pulls her close, and tells her to kiss him back. I hear him tell her that she has slutty friends. He tells her that her friend with the big boobs wanted to fuck him right there on the porch, but he is all for Andrea. She kisses his stomach and he moans a little and tells her that she's good at what she does.

He unbuttons his pants and with a tear her father ignores or doesn't notice, she pulls out his dick that's already mostly hard. She kisses his stomach and he tells her stop stalling. So she licks him down to the tip of his dick and starts sucking his entire cock into her mouth. The shadow of my darkness says *Not Yet*

So I watch as she almost gets him off with her mouth. He gropes her the entire time she's sucking him, and I watch from the darkness of the driveway as he gives her instructions on how to please him. Waiting, waiting for the right time to spring my trap, waiting to use my weapon. To make him pay for every tear Andrea has ever shed.

He pulls her up from his hard cock and begins to make out with her. Their tongues mingling. She has a mask like expression, as if she's not there. He kisses down her body once more. Spending a brief moment on each breast he continues down until he gets to her waist. He unbuttons and pulls down her tight jeans. He comments, "What a beautifull ass you've got. Better than mom's. Let's give you real pleasure. He licks her pussy through her panties I can see her bodies reaction. It's like a small little electric shock. Whether she wants it or not, her body feels good while he licks her.

He rips off her flimsy panties and really starts eating her out as he spreads her legs and puts his whole face into her pussy. Kissing, licking, sucking and sometimes brings up his hand to finger her a little and shoving one of his fingers up her ass. She's really moaning now. Trying to keep quiet but unable to keep her body from wracking in pleasure.

Just when she's getting loud, he quickly stands up between her open legs and thrusts his dick inside of her. In and out, pumping, her body betraying herself as she clutches on to him all the while wanting to push him away and cum all at the same time.

He moans more and more thrusting deeper and deeper. The point of extacy closer and closer.
She almost screams as she cums and release takes over her body. He says in a strained voice,'oh my god, I'm cumming' and pulls out to let his juices flow all over her wet hairless cunt.

*FLASH* *CLICK* as the last of my pictures are taken. The rest being kind of dark from poor lighting, this last one was with the flash on.

The perfect picture his dick out between his legs with cum dripping from it onto her.

In slow motion he turns toward the open window. He can't see me. It's too dark out here; the only light comming from right next to him.

*Flash* *Click* The second perfect shot, full front, face forward, totally nude his dick dripping cum and they are both staring out the window, Andrea with a tear streaked face.

Not having the time to feel proud about taking to perfect shots with one hand, I toss the note folded up as an airplane into the window. As the father starts to run forward to try to see who it is, shaking the after effects of getting blinded by a camera flash, he stumbles into the paper plane.

By then I've been running for at least 5-10 seconds in my black outfit and mask. Even if he does decide to run outside naked, he'll never spot me or be able to identify me.

I can just imagine his thoughts as he finally decides to read the note.

Dear child molester,

Think of me as your child's guardian devil. That's right, devil. I do not admit to being a nice person myself.
You will no longer touch your child in any way. Not to punish, and certainly no more for pleasure. If you do, I'll know. If you do, everyone will then know. Everyone.
This is where you begin to pay back; Once in a while, something will disappear. It'll be me. You won't be able to stop me. You won't know how it was done. It'll just be gone. Don't report it. I'll know if you do. I'm watching. Now here's the fun part. Sometime soon your daughter will find a note. Itíll also have the pictures. It will suggest that she go to the police with the pictures so you can then go to jail and get ass by Barney the big bouncing black motherfucker. At that point her life is in her hands. Itís her choice. If she chooses not to turn you in then you should worship the ground she walks on. If she does turn you in, good luck you deserve everything you get.
If you run away, you are a coward, but as long as you leave her alone, you will be a living coward.

Till death do we part,

The next time I saw Andrea she had a big smile on her face as she was telling everyone that sheís going to go live with her aunt on her motherís side, and sheíll visit when she can. I slipped the envelope into her backpack when she wasnít looking.

Lucy kept better touch with Andrea. Either she told Andrea something of that night, or Andrea saw me slip the envelope into her pack. About a month later she was visiting. Just before she left she walked up and gave me the biggest breast-filled squeezing hug Iíve ever gotten in my life. Then she kissed me. One minute later (seriously, count slowly to sixty, holding your breath and imagine making out with someone) leaving me breathless and gasping for air she whispers thank you into my ear.

I never saw her again.

Lucy says sheís doing well.

I tracked down her father about a year later and paid someone 500 dollars to beat him down and ass him, the fucking coward. Left him a little figurine of a devil with wings and a halo, I bought off of e-bay for 6.99 through an anonymous name and p.o. box. Best money I ever spent.

Story End

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