Malfunction or just alternate thinking?  

shadowmoonwolf 31M
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5/27/2006 12:32 am
Malfunction or just alternate thinking?

Seems most agree on this point: Men desire sex more than almost anything. If this is even remotely my body malfunctioning? I mean for me, computers, anime, companionship, street racing, music, going out with a girlfriend, all of those i'd prbly desire just as easily. Did maybe this so-called mechanical sex drive men seem to have skip me somehow? And if women think it's such a bad thing for men to be like that, that they'd rather their man want emotional fulfillment from the relationship instead, to be sensative and able to be the so called "softhearted guy" around them once in a while...why is it the thing i've been hated for the most? Maybe I'm just seeing the wrong people...(curls up in my corner, thinking intently) well no'll all work out i suppose

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