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5/24/2006 2:29 am

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As you will notice, I am not my cheery funny self. I can't even get myself to crack a joke.
I haven't even taken my shot, which has a 2 week delay of symptoms. I have to take the shot on the 2-3 day of my monthly period, and knowing the influxes of my hormone levels now, I am in for a party thrown by Lucifer himself.
I had just got my body to look in half way decent shape after my laparoscopy back last AUGUST.
Now, I'm not a total dimwit, I know people are going to look at my previous entries, then read the future ones and proclaim I'm totally nuts! Cybal ///the movie about the multiple personality chick/// has nothing on me.

I would have never dreamed in a million years that i would be afflicted with an infertility disease...especially after having babies at 18, 21 and 23. My drs say the children may have delayed the onset and that i was lucky i had them when i did because it may be harder if i want anymore.
I'm sure I'll alienate all who watched for humor.Yes i do. But i want to find the man who will want to stick around.

Enough of that. i don't want to be known as the whiner or bitch. Did you know 5.5 miliion women in the USA alone are afflicted with endometriosis? Some dont know it...others are cursed like me. others just have problems conceiving, like my sister. The drs don't know what causes it nor is there a cure--only doctors telling me i have to remove my organs that make me a female. I intend to fight it tooth and nail to avoid ending up thta way.
All the people i have came acorss that's been thru it says don't fight it and give uup early to save wasted time a money. I refuse to roll over and play dead!

FriendlyFuk66 49M

5/24/2006 3:52 am

Well I for one do not come to your blog to just see the funny side of you. I also enjoy the more thought provoking side.

As for the infertility disease, well I have personally seen a couple of women who lived their lives the wrong way due to that disease. They both decided to have the operation for completely different reasons. One was told by the doctors that it would be healthier for her and that she may get ovarian cancer if not removed. Now personally I don't know as much about the disease but after reading your post, I think the cancer part was a scare tactic. The other gal did it so she wouldn't have to worry about her period anymore and also said that she didn't have to worry about wearing underwear either due to the surgery.

As for yourself Ms. Pink, you are going to be a very beautiful female no matter whether you have the operation or not. I'm not sure if having the surgery or not would cause any health problems, but if not having it would shorten your life and jeopardize your health than I would think it would be in your best interest to have the surgery. If you are considering not having the surgery due to the fact that you may never have children again, just remember that you could always adopt and give a child the life that his/her mother couldn't give them.

Like I have stated earlier, I am not all that familiar with the disease so I am basically going along in the dark. But as I also told you in an email, I would gladly lend an ear if you want to talk. My ears are fairly big so it would take you quite a while to talk my ear off also.

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