No Timmy turn off that tv!  

shadeofpink 42F
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5/25/2006 3:41 am
No Timmy turn off that tv!

Top Ten Signs Your Kid Watches Too Much T.V.

10. Instead of coughing, emits short bursts of static

9. Constantly murdering people in hopes of meeting Angela Lansbury

8. Most T.V. commercials have begun addressing him by name

7. You can adjust his volume using the remote control

6. He's seen Tom Arnold's show

5. Room covered with giant poster of shirtless Bob Barker

4. The poor little bastard's got Koppel hair

3. Steals batteries from your pacemaker to put in remote control

2. He's 6, and his ass covers entire couch

1. Always answers in the form of a questions

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