With honey on it it's better  

sg_yummy_couple 36M/36F
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3/8/2006 5:53 pm

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5/12/2006 10:01 pm

With honey on it it's better

Both Pierre & I haven't been updating the blog much. Not because we have stopped making love: it's simply because we're too tired after
our non-stop actions. Well, we're both caught up with work loads & since we don't stay together: It's hard in having the time on our own.

We had great time last weekend. We managed to achieve quite a number of things. Not only on our sexual desires but just about everything
else. On Saturday, we managed to chat with another couple and both of us were just "cybering". To be frank, since it's our first time: We both felt rather weird cos we were just too shy. But things got hotter
when we began to strip each other and just play with each other "yummy ones".

I am a totally straight lady; I've never got turn on by another. But don't know why: Upon seeing the lady (the one we cyber with), took off
her shirt & then began to touch her own breast; it somehow switched me on. We then saw the couple playing & kissing each other. We did just
the same. But yeah, since we both were pretty "hungry" for each other's cum.. (And before that, we bought a bottle of yummy honey), we decided to just switch off the cam and play & enjoy each other's love.

It was amazing how yummy the whole experience turned out to be. I poured the honey on his "hard on" and then, I licked them bit by bit
before sucking them hard. I loved the taste.. I mean, I've always loved licking & sucking him: But with the whole honey experience, it
sure made it alot more yummier. I loved it when I poured it: And just when it get to drip along his dick, I licked them off. I mean, it was
just like me licking off a dripping ice-cream on a hot day. The experience sure is a captivating one.

After I done that to him: He began pouring bits of the honey on his tongue. There, he licked me softly & gosh, it felt so fantastic. He
fingered me & I asked for more. Of course, my significant other sure knows how to impress & achieve all of my desires. I always wanted more.. Never have I say no to his needs. I am sure he wants to thankme for being the "best" by giving me the best he ever done so far. I
loved it so.. I wished to have it more the next time round.

And yeah, after we played around with each other, we started making hard love. It was great. I didn't know he love it so much for me to be on him. I love riding him hard. I love to just sit there on him and rock myself against his dick. Gosh. I love it sooo.. I love it to
whenever I do that: He would nibble on my nipples & bite them bits by bits. Hmm.. Just thinking of that makes me feel so horny now.

silverbreeze2 65F

3/8/2006 7:18 pm

And I've only tried honey on toast!!

sg_yummy_couple 36M/36F
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3/9/2006 12:11 am

well u should try spreading some on his!
I can tell you, I liked it so much.
and you can ask him to put some on your clit so that his pleasure to lick you will double..

Thanks to the honey we had such a rgeat 69 last night.. none of us wanted to stop


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