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2/23/2006 2:58 am

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She: Just like any other girls; I do love sleepovers. But this time round, it’s a different kind of sleepovers; it’s those of the boyfriend sleepover ones. I am so excited even before we meet up earlier today. Cos I have it all planned out on what to do with him when he’s soundly asleep. As you know, Asians aren’t that very independent. I still do live with both my parents & siblings. So, it will be quite a task to actually sneak out of the bedroom to come over to where he sleeps at.

So here are the plans: We would just tease around each other while the parents are still awake. We would just watch tv or simply surf the net & try to maintain our hornism.  Then, I would touch his and makes him hungry for me. Indeed while writing now; I am touching it and he’s already begun to get too excited. And yes, of course I can’t wait to feel his hard on in my mouth. Tonight, I’m gonna lick him and suck him with all my might. I’m gonna make him ask for more. I love doing it on him cos I do know, somehow he feels so good. And yes, as I said on my previous post: I just love looking at those eyes while I go down on him.

Gosh, just as I am writing this; he’s making signals on me touching him and of course I did and yeap, as you guess it right; he is already hard! I’m sure he is craving for it. And I am always thirsty for his cum. I really am looking forward in giving him the blowjob & make him cum in my mouth, then I am gonna show him his horny juice on my tongue while looking at him straight through his sexy eyes then I will swallow them.

SingaporeMarc 41M/41F

2/23/2006 8:42 pm

Hahaha... well, instead of having fun at home... lets have a 4some somewhere in Singapore!

WE can organise it!!!

Call us... we sent you an email!

Jes and Marc

sg_yummy_couple 36M/36F
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2/24/2006 1:57 am

yes we received your email.. but the thing is, we are still new to this scene and we want to go slow.. we prefer to explore our sexuality first but sharing our sex life and read other ppl comments/suggestions to help us spicing it up..

so feel free to comment our post pls!

Will chat with you soon though, promise!


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