A plan for this coming mid-week  

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2/26/2006 10:51 pm

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A plan for this coming mid-week


Dear Pierre,

I can't wait to be your virgin student this upcoming mid-week. I can't wait to wear the little short netball skirt with a tanktop, along with the little tiny thong we bought over the weekend and not forgetting the glasses & my ponytail, I will not wear any bra cos you always love it like that; touching my bare breasts with your hands.

It would be great if you can go down on me, licking me with those sexy tongue with my hands tied and my eyes blindfold, so that I can only
feel you there but I can't see or touch any part of your body.

I would then be hungry for you, getting very thirsty of your cum. I will love it so much that I will moan in wonder when you'll let
yourself in me. I will also beg you to lick me more.. Put those fingers (maybe 2) in me first before putting your hard dick in.

After you do all that, I will then ask you to untie my hands and take off my blindfold; then I will go down on you or maybe we can do 69 and
make each other feel good. Those tempations will be wonderful. I will then lick your balls and play around with it and squeeze those butts
of yours. I will suck you good, dear. I will also do handjob for you till you ask me to stop cos you will cum if I carry on. You will tell
me that you wanna save all of those yummy cum for me; on either my tummy or face.

After all those sucking & licking; we both will be so hungry & thirsty for each other that I will then ask you to do me from the back. You
will put your hard dick which I adore so much in my wet pussy. You will then slide it rather slowly then as time past, you will do it
more and harder. You will push your dick in my pussy while your tummy be grinding against my buttocks. Gosh, thinking of that sure makes me
want you more.

Baby, I want to let you know.. You're the best I ever had. I am so glad I met you & I do know that you can make wonders to my world. I
love all these affections & desires we've been sharing. And I adore myself loving you & making love to you.

Your Bébé,


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