Wow! That's Gotta Hurt!  

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4/24/2006 2:55 pm

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Wow! That's Gotta Hurt!

The truth always does: Iraq is in flames, Iran is a nuclear crisis (whether or not it need be) the immigration debate is raging, oil is past $70 a barrel, global climate change is accelerating, the post-Katrina recovery effort is floundering, there is no budget for the coming fiscal year.

And the Republicans are preparing their agenda for the fall elections:

GOP Campaign to Focus on Flag Burning, Gay Marriage, Abortion

Thank God they're on top of things, because if we can't get this nationwide epidemic of flag burning under control, we could be in some real trouble.

Meanwhile, over in Right Blogostan the hysteria du jour revolves around the refusal of the producers of South Park to permit an cartoon image of Mohammad to appear on the show.

(What is it with fanatics and cartoons lately? If one group isn't going bat shit over the ones they consider sacrilegious, the other group is going bat shit over the absence of the ones the first group considers sacrilegious.)

Porky Pig: Can't we all just get along?

This isn't just crazy, it's clinically complusive ‒ as in wash your hands 50 times a day and ALWAYS arrange your lima beans in a straight line before you eat them compulsive. And whereas the enraged cartoon protestors of the Islamic world are moved by an ancient belief system that predates modern rationality, our fanatics are supposed to be members of an enlightened Western culture that is far above such primitive behavior ‒ or at least, so they keep telling us.

Instead, the conservative movement ‒ particularly its "social conservative" wing ‒ is starting to resemble the thumbnail definition of monomania: i.e. the process of thinking more and more about less and less.

I'm almost tempted to say the movement is displaying some of the classic symptoms of autism, but that would be a grave insult to autistic people, who after all are often extremely intelligent and capable of doing amazing mathematical calculations in their heads, making it possible for them to win large sums of money at blackjack. Whereas the average conservative these days seems to have trouble understanding that 2+2 does not, in fact, equal 5.

I don't know why this is. Maybe limited minds can only grasp a limited set of issues. Or maybe it's because so many things in the wide world just aren't moving as they are supposed to do in the conservative cosmology. But whatever the reason, the movement's growing obsession with relatively minor (in the grand scheme of things) issues like gay marriage, flag burning and cartoon Mohammads now borders on the pathological.

The most accurate way to describe it, I suppose, would be to say that the social conservative movement is developing the traditional characteristics of a cult, in which the semiotic symbols and concepts used in the outside world begin to take on very different and emotionally charged meanings to the initiated.

In other words, figuring out what the right is trying to say these days ‒ and what agitates it so ‒ is becoming more of an exercise in hermeneutics (if not psychiatry) than political science.

In any case, the practical effect is to create a movement that can only engage with reality on a very narrow front ‒ on a set of issues that is compatible with the increasingly warped and extreme meanings the cult has developed for itself. The propaganda ministers of the Republican Party, meanwhile, have made it their business to learn this code and to manipulate it in ways that will whip the faithful into a frenzy ‒ while at the same time appealing to a broader, less indoctrinated audience that is also concerned (not fanatical, but concerned) about such issues.

It's really quite clever, not to mention extremely effective. Some have tactfully referred to it as the creation of a "rogue coalition." I, on other hand, would call it "facism".

But that's another story.

Update - for all you ideologues just waiting to suck on the Right Wing dick ... err .. talking points. You know, if only the GOP was more libertarian and not so disgustingly Taliban on steroids ... I think I could even be pursuaded to vote for something other than your opponent at every juncture. I wish we had another choice besides the Democrat when I have the need to vote ... and this doesn't mean that all Democrats are bad either.

Final Words: remember, at least 50% of Americans minus the votes that were either not counted, isolated and discounted, just plain "lost" in the back of a rental truck or - in the case of Florida and Ohio - erased by qualified professionals ... elected his boss twice!

Then again, AdultFriendFinder provides you with a nice list of My New Matches based on a bizarre feature called Your Cupid Settings and 95% of them arrive without so much as a profile picture that is both real and has potential ... and to think most of you pay for such abject disappointment. Talk about "Holy craptastic failures, Batman!"

If there is a God - and I saved that one out of respect to our friends with a christian church during the Easter season - please let Jerry Falwell shake his jowels during the exorcism with a rather robust fart-and-burp soundtrack accompanied in lockstep by the organ player from New Jersey Devil's games.

America, what a country!!
- Yakov Smirnoff, who ironically is more famous than me!

Doesn't it seem that the current administration is just a collection of characters? There's Donald "Redrum" Rumsfeld, Condoleeza "Little Rascal" Rice, "Pepperin-Dick" Cheney, Karl "Little Satan" Rove, and of course "Chimpy McFlightsuit" George Dubya Bush. And that's just to name a few. How could you not feel confident right now? That is: if you consider "to hell in a hand basket" the right direction.

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