Want Me? You Better Know How to Express Things!  

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5/20/2006 7:04 pm

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Want Me? You Better Know How to Express Things!

Many words have been granted to me, and some are wise and some are false, but only three are holy: "What an asshat!" So I hijacked Ayn Rand, so spare me the snappy Fountainhead and Anthem and Atlas Shrugged quotes right now. I can tell when you are smart enough to recall, and when you are clever enough to use Google as your intellectual springboard. So don't even go there, unless you are well-read or have a rather creative and/or eclectic style of intelligence.

Poste haste!

The worst guilt is to accept an unearned guilt. Yes, another Ayn Rand quote, but I am writing here and I can spare myself the harsh indignity of being hypocritical. For the rest of you, should you dare, please hand in your Theater of the Absurd fan club memberships and stop encouraging the others to continue mining this ... "lifelong learning exploration for the formula to get laid" even though I claimed it, such a lovely euphemism for this AdultFriendFinder circle-jerk!

But here's my point: I love words. Just two words lashed together can paint thousands of pictures in anyone's mind. Words joined at the hip and exchanged by two people can define a movement, relationship or destination. They are that powerful.

"Words are evidence that our deepest desires and secret fantasies must soon be shared by other means."
- me

Yes, it's mine and I have seen it quoted by others. Don't bother looking for me with it, because I don't write under my real name and don't keep an unidentifiable history with that pseudonym. I am not paranoid, nor am I the worrying or hiding kind. Let's just say that there are some elements of Internet living that opened my eyes several years ago. That's another story for another time, I sense.

So I have a quote, but it's too simple to admire - although some author found it inspiring or defining enough to give me credit for saying it. I can only wish that I uncover many more of them as words can say so many things. Like the ones, below: These are not born from a quick observation; they are genius!

"There is no such thing as chance or accident; the words merely signify our ignorance of some real and immediate cause."
- adam clarke

"Words are the physicians of a mind diseased."
- aeschylus

"There are some words that I have never really understood, such as sin. . . . For if there is sin against life, it lies perhaps less in despairing of it than in hoping for another life and evading the implacable grandeur of the one we have."
- albert camus

Now fast forward. Are you a genius or just think you are? Take this simple validation quiz; it will separate the alter-egos from your most bitter moments of cognizance ... in a single question designed to be the mirror you look into each morning.

Q: Are you the smartest person in your circle of personal friends, associates, lovers and family?

A: No - great, love the honesty!
B: Yes - let's bow to your greatness, you obviously report to the big fish/small pond quadrant. Please hand in your membership card and head for the Trump elevator.
C: Never thought of that - love curious minds, but awakened ones are even cooler. Stay, have some Fanta and a cookie.
D: Wow - If one senses that he could be smart, but remains in a constant march towards learning - how could anyone expect to encounter omnipotence within oneself.

Get the picture, Sporto?

Please identify which group you belong to, and something original about a loved one you expressed, how much you hate my theories with perfect grammar and spelling, or any quote you wish to remain yours (and please quit it with all the copyright or legal entanglement rants - because if you have taken said steps to protect your property, you have nothing to worry, and even Stevie Wonder could see that). Simply put: steal from me and the Gambino crime family couldn't save your soul!

"Our world is fiction unless we approach it minus expectations."
- me again

My other suggestion: if you are reticent in sharing such quotes because of the possibility of misuse, just create something else, and be fun about it!

This is a pseudo intelligence check to see if one of you could be my next interest .... and women included!

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5/21/2006 8:18 am

Q: Are you the smartest person in your circle of personal friends, associates, lovers and family?

I wouldn't say I'm smarter then anybody. I with confidence will say I'm more truthful and honest to myself and others then most are. I walk my own path in life.

*True love is selfless, are you?* mine!

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